Watch: Phish takes fans on psychedelic experience with Las Vegas Sphere visuals

Las Vegas' most eye-catching venue welcomed its second band over the weekend.

Phish took over the Sphere, Sin City's $2.3 billion attraction that opened last September. The group delivered a four-show run from Thursday to Sunday, taking the reigns from U2's 40-show residency.

In addition to performing popular tracks like "Farmhouse," the Vermont-based rock band took advantage of the globe's massive LED screen to amaze fans with eccentric visuals.

Video taken inside the concert captured towers of light, mesmerizing swirls of shapes and bursts of color during the concert. At one point, a giant puppy is displayed licking the screen as if the arena were its favorite ball.

Band aimed to create 'psychedelic' experience

In an interview with SiriusXM, Phish lead guitarist Trey Anastasio said he wanted the Sphere performance to take fans on a "psychedelic" experience.

He heard their concert described a "slight step forward in the psychedelic live jam music experience," which is everything he said he hoped for.

The four-day run marked what the Sphere's website said was the start of a "new relationship" between the band and venue, though future dates haven't been announced.

Sphere earns $167.8 million in latest quarter

Sphere Entertainment Corp. reported $314 million in revenue in February its first full quarter since the venue's debut. The sphere itself earned 167.8 million during this quarter more than the MSG Networks' $146.4 million.

In November, the company reported the Sphere losing $98.4 million for the financial quarter ending on Sept. 30, a day after it first opened in the Las Vegas Strip.

Dead & Company to hit the Sphere next

Dead & Company will be the third rock band to take on the Sphere in a residency they announced in January.

The group, led by John Mayer and Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, will "feature never-before-seen visual storytelling" and offer the "ultimate connection to the music through these innovative and immersive shows," the Sphere venue said in the residency announcement.

Initially, the band planned a six-week residency with 18 shows from May 16 to June 22 before adding six new shows in July.

Contributing: Melissa Ruggieri and Mike Snider

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