Watch: Speedy window cleaner breaks world record at competition

May 10 (UPI) -- A British woman followed in her father's footsteps and broke a Guinness World Record by cleaning three office windows in 16.13 seconds.

Aliscia Burrows, 33, cleaned the three 45-inch-by-45-inch windows while competing in the Manchester Cleaning Show and ended up besting the record for fastest window cleaner (female) by .15 seconds.

Burrows doesn't work as a window cleaner, but the skill is in her blood -- her father, Terry "Turbo" Burrows, is a professional cleaner who holds the male version of the record at 9.14 seconds.

"Although I've never been in the window cleaning trade, my childhood was very much involved with it," the younger Burrows told Guinness World Records. "I'd sometimes go to London with my dad and watch him working, I'd attend the window cleaning shows which were hosted by the Federation of Window Cleaners."