Watch this sweet moment between Pluto and his biggest fan: a golden retriever service dog

A playful canine friendship was captured on video between a golden retriever and Pluto mascot during a recent Disney Cruise.

Forest, a 5-year-old service dog, was traveling with his owner, Ashton McGrady, on the Disney Wish as part of the Disney Creator's Celebration. The video captures the retriever, who is trained in mobility assistance and medical response to help Ashton travel safely and independently, excitedly interacting with one of Disney's famous characters.

Watch the video above to see the lovable furry friends enjoy a sweet moment together.

The pup has a history with Pluto. They've shared warm greetings at Disney Parks on numerous occasions, so for Forest, seeing Pluto is the ultimate reward!

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Darling Disney moment: Pluto warmly greets golden retriever superfan