What to Watch on Thursday: Seth Rogen(s) find themselves in An American Pickle

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An American Pickle


What happens when a man falls in a pickling vat, stays there for 100 years, and wakes up from his preserved slumber to a world of Uber shares and smartphones? That’s the basic premise of Seth Rogen’s latest, a surreal fish-out-of-water (or if you like, fish-out-of-a-nice-dill-vinegar-brine) comedy, in which he takes on the roles of both an Old World immigrant named Herschel Greenbaum and his millennial great-grandson, a Brooklyn app developer named Ben. The script, based on a short story by former SNL staff writer Simon Rich, sprung in part from Rogen’s own connection to the past: “My grandfather was in World War II, he was a professional football player,” the 38-year-old actor tells EW. “And if he had met me when we were both in our mid-thirties he probably would have beaten the s—t out of me, and I think that that is something that I really thought a lot about with these characters. I mean, he could tear an apple in half with his bare hands. He was a very strong, tough guy and I am not, and that’s something I really tried to channel.” —Leah Greenblatt

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Star Trek: Lower Decks

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Series Debut

The first Star Trek comedy series takes full advantage of its animated format, employing plenty of bonkers mayhem to chronicle the adventures of working-class crew members on the USS Cerritos. The main focus of the first couple episodes is a pair of mismatched ensigns: Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome), a hyperactive ultra-competent rebel, and Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid), an ambitious rule-following braggart. Expect plenty of inside jokes and deep-cut references for Trek fans and a somewhat surprising amount of slightly risqué humor (such as a holodeck workout program full of nude trainees). Showrunner Mike McMahan also beams over at least one storytelling habit from his last show, Rick and Morty, which is the tendency for most scenes to abruptly segue into a wild sci-fi action, a tic that one might either find exhilarating or grating. —James Hibberd

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