Waterfront at Shannon Park to get walking trail by September

Redevelopment of a former military site in Dartmouth could take more than a decade to complete, but people will be able to take a trail to a lookout point by mid-September.

Work on the trail at the Shannon Park lands will begin in the summer. The man in charge of the project said the trail will give people an opportunity to see Halifax harbour from a unique perspective.

"It's almost a 360-degree view up and down the harbour," said Chris Millier. "Certainly it's a working waterfront there, so it's interesting."

Trail 'will morph' with construction

The trail will begin across from Shannon Park Elementary School where a small parking area will be located. The construction zone will be fenced off.

The Shannon Park site is 34 hectares and will be redeveloped in phases.  

"The trail will morph as development occurs around [it]," said Millier, "But generally what we will ensure is there will always be a connection from the trailhead through to the lookout." 

Local connections to the land and the harbour will also be commemorated along the trail.  

All the former military housing has been demolished. A concept plan for the redevelopment of Shannon Park is now being reviewed by municipal planners. It includes residential housing, a commercial section and green space.