Wheel of Fortune Contestant Stuns Pat Sajak With NSFW Answer — Watch

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak might be thinking that retirement can’t come soon enough.

A contestant named Tavaris threw Sajak for a loop on Thursday’s episode of the long-running game show, ringing in to solve a “Phrase” puzzle and offering the answer: “Right in the butt!” (Never mind that that’s not even the right number of letters.)

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His answer elicited gasps and laughs from the studio audience, along with a stunned “What?!” from a fellow contestant. Thankfully, another contestant soon rang in with the correct response: “This is the best.” Even Tavaris had to concede: “Much better answer.”

Sajak was still giggling when he turned to Tavaris for the customary contestant introduction, telling him: “Well, Tavaris, you’ve already made an impression on us.” Tavaris offered a mea culpa: “I apologize, Pat. I was a little excited.” Sajak, pro that he is, gently let him off the hook, saying, “We’ll figure out a way to handle that tastefully,” before adding: “I have no idea what that’ll be, but…”

Sajak doesn’t have much longer to enjoy responses like that: He’s retiring after more than four decades as Wheel of Fortune host, with his final episode airing Friday, June 7. Ryan Seacrest will take over as host when Wheel returns for Season 42 this September.

Watch the moment below, and hit the comments to share your favorite game show gaffes.

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