Where Do Things Stand at the End of 'Bridgerton' Season 3?

bridgerton season 3 ending
How 'Bridgerton' Season 3 EndsNetflix

Major spoilers ahead! If you haven't watched Bridgerton season 3, episode 8 (the finale), turn back now.

The entirety of Bridgerton's third season is now streaming on Netflix, and the finale proved to be a riveting conclusion to this chapter of the series—wrapping up numerous storylines, including the mystery surrounding Lady Whistledown's identity. It also leaves Easter eggs for future Bridgerton plots, including the introduction of Michaela Stirling and the reference to Violet's masquerade ball.

Here's where we leave things with all the main characters of Bridgerton season 3:

Penelope reveals that she is Lady Whistledown.

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Penelope reveals her identity as Lady Whistledown.Netflix

The biggest reveal of the season is that Penelope tells the Ton that she is Lady Whistledown, in a dramatic scene at her sisters' ball. "I know it is no laughing matter what I have done," she says. "In the beginning, I never thought anyone would take my writing seriously. Why should they? No one has ever taken any part of me seriously. I only realize now how common that feeling must be: To be a young lady to whom no one listens." She continues, "I wrote about all of you because I was captivated by you, living your lives so out in the open. And in writing about all of you, I suddenly felt as if I had a life. I had power."

Ultimately, Queen Charlotte lets her continue writing, and the final voiceover switches from Julie Andrews (who voiced Lady Whistledown) to Nicola Coughlan (who plays Penelope). "With the retirement of my literary persona, I should like to formally introduce myself," she writes. "Previous wallflower, current columnist, observer, wielder of a quill, nobody unique, and yet, I have my moments. And hopefully, dear reader, you will stay on to enjoy them with me as we begin this next part of our journey."

She also ditches her anonymous persona, and signs it Penelope Bridgerton.

Colin and Penelope welcome a son who inherits the Lord Featherington title.

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Colin and Penelope in the finale of Bridgerton season 3. Netflix

At the start of the season, Lady Featherington devises a plan to keep the Featherington title in the family: Her first grandson will inherit the title. Over the course of this most recent set of episodes, her older daughters, Prudence and Philippa, competed to have the first male grandson, but it ends up being Penelope who gives birth to the future Lord Featherington.

Also, Penelope and her mother avoid the investigation into Jack's schemes by saying the family's funds came from Penelope's secret career as Lady Whistledown.

Anthony and Kate travel to India.

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Kate and Anthony are expecting their first child.Netflix

Anthony and Kate are expecting their first child, and set off for Kate's homeland, India, in the penultimate episode in season three. Simone Ashley has said previously that she and Jonathan Bailey are confirmed for the fourth season; it's unclear if future episodes will bring them back to the UK.

Benedict is ready to "open his world."

benedict tilly bridgerton
Benedict and Tilly in episode 8.Netflix

Benedict begins to explore his sexuality in the finale, having a threesome with Lady Tilly Arnold and her friend, Paul. After Tilly expresses an interest in closing their relationship, Benedict breaks up with her. "I am not certain that serious is what I want," he tells Tilly. "What happened between the three of us, what has happened ever since I met you, has made me realize how good it feels to be free. You have opened my world—and I am not ready to close it again just now."

Francesca and John marry and move to Scotland.

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Francesca and John’s wedding at Bridgerton House.Netflix

Francesca marries John Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin in a quiet, private ceremony at Bridgerton House. The season ends with them moving to John's family estate in the Highlands, Scotland. "The distance creates a true sense of peace," he tells Violet of the location.

On the trip to Scotland, they're joined by John's cousin, Michaela Stirling, which is a major departure from Julia Quinn's novels (in the books, the cousin is a man, Michael Stirling). When Francesca meets Michaela, she's immediately flustered. Michaela tells her, "I caution you, every sordid detail John has spoken about me is a lie. The truth is far worse!"

Eloise is off to Scotland with Francesca, John, and Michaela.

Eloise joins the newlyweds on their journey to Scotland. "I simply wish for a little while outside our tiny bubble," Eloise tells her sister Francesca. "Have some adventures! I cannot change the world without seeing more of it." She promises Benedict, however, that she will be back in time for next season. One of the final scenes of season three shows the group leaving in a carriage.

Violet is planning a masquerade ball.

"Do you think Mama would ever let me miss her Masquerade Ball?" Eloise asks Benedict in one of the last scenes of the season. He responds, "I will be there, hiding out behind a mask." This masquerade ball is huge Easter egg for season 4; in the books, it's where Benedict meets his love interest, Sophie.

Violet's storyline is more uncharted territory, as she is navigating a possible romance with Lady Danbury's brother, Lord Marcus Anderson (a character who doesn't appear in the books). It's as yet unclear if Marcus will be back for a future season.

Cressida is sent to live with her aunt.

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Cressida’s home life was a bigger part of this season of Bridgerton.Netflix

After lying about being Lady Whistledown, Cressida is sent by her father to live with her aunt, and her final scene shows her looking glumly out of the window of a carriage.

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