Why Is Everyone Leaving CALIFORNIA and Moving to COLORADO? THE NUMBERS

Why is everyone leaving California and moving to Colorado? There has been some huge talks about why Colorado is growing so much and even more discussions around where is everyone moving from. Pete and Chelsea, Your Colorado Real Estate Family, have been working with several clients from California and know exactly why they are choosing Colorado. In this video they give you the real number as to why this is making so much sense to relocate to Colorado. Even cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Boulder are looking pretty good in comparison to California! Let's go find out why! On this Channel, we discuss everything you need to know about Living in and around Denver Colorado and its surrounding cities! Looking for places where you can live in or around Denver? From Lifestyle, Activities, Homes, Real Estate, the BEST Neighborhoods to move to, and everything about living in Denver Colorado or its surrounding cities, we've got you covered! Contact Us: Peter Sweeney (Broker) & Chelsea Sweeney (Operations Manager) 📲 303-542-0018 👉🏽 Or Visit us on Social Media: instagram Learn More About Denver Colorado Here: