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Part one

New research shows UK pensions are not doing well, when it comes to their returns.

Analysis from AJ Bell shows nine in ten pensions get worse returns than a FTSE all-share tracker - a fund which mimics the performance of London’s 600-company index.

The majority of pensions have underperformed the index by well over 10%, with more than a third falling short by more than 20%.

The research comes as questions are being asked about whether pension funds should invest more money in London-listed businesses and British growth firms.

Last December ONS figures showed that just 4.2 per cent of listed UK shares are owned by pension and insurance funds— the lowest proportion on record.

So why are 91% of UK pension funds underperforming? And what could be the fix?

Jon Weeks joins financial journalist Michael Hunter.

Part two

Jo-Ann Titmarsh reviews ‘The Apprentice’, a drama all about Donald Trump, at the Canne Film Festival.

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