Wife pranks husband, gets over-the-top reaction

Nowadays, it seems you always prank the one you love. And then share the video on social media.

At least that’s how Marietta Spencer Tyks showed her love when she decided to pull a fast one on her husband, Tommy. In a video posted to Marietta’s Facebook page, we see the couple standing in the kitchen as Marietta explains that she is about to perform a magic trick.

“I’m gonna put this bottle of water right on top of the penny,” says Marietta as Tommy looks on.

She covers the bottle with a cloth and then improvises some magic words before pulling back the cloth.

“Now you look down in there and the penny is inside the bottle,” says Marietta.

Tommy leans over to take a look and — Boom! — Marietta squeezes the bottle and splashes Tommy square in the face.

It’s a pretty average prank, but what makes the clip so hilarious and utterly charming is the couple’s epic reaction Both husband and wife burst into hysterical peals of laughter that are far funnier than the prank itself.

And they’re not the only ones giggling. The video has been viewed more than 60 million times in just three days, with many commenters pointing out how playful and happy Marietta and Tommy appear.

As Marietta advises in her own comment, “Watch and try not to laugh.”

We guarantee you, it can’t be done.