Windsor police caution parents after child, caregiver accidentally eat cannabis cookie

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Windsor police are reminding the public to keep products with cannabis away from children after a kid in Amherstburg needed medical attention for eating a cannabis cookie.

Officers arrived at a home Thursday to find that a caregiver had given a child a piece of cookie that had cannabis in it. The caregiver said they were unaware the cookie was made with marijuana, but noticed it tasted off when they ate some of it themselves, police said.

Unusual and concerning behaviour in the child prompted the caregiver to call police. The child did not have a life-threatening reaction, police said.

Police investigated the incident and do not expect to lay any charges.

"The Windsor Police Service would like to remind the public the importance of keeping cannabis edibles away from children," a news release from police states. "This is an unfortunate example of how easily and quickly a child or even an adult can unknowingly consume an edible cannabis product."

Cannabis products, police added, should be stored out of reach of children in child-resistant containers and all products with the drug should be clearly labelled.

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