Windsor students turn mac and cheese into gourmet dishes

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Windsor students turn mac and cheese into gourmet dishes

In a challenge to add a little variety to food bank supplies, student chefs in Windsor, Ont. came up with some sharp new takes on the traditional macaroni and cheese dishes.

Popular for its cheap prices, and charactarized by its mysterious orange cheese powder, boxed macaroni and cheese is a go-to staple among donations to food banks across the country. 

At the Unemployed Help Centre in Windsor, staff wanted to take a bit of the monotony out of people's dinners by challenging their community kitchen students to prove there are some innovative ways to prepare macaroni and cheese with a little out-of-the-box thinking.

They came up with a Tex-Mex soup, a pasta salad with veggies and dip, and a Mexican style macaroni and cheese. All three were popular among taste tests among clients.

"They were surprised how much flavour could be had in that macaroni and cheese," said chef Mark Wakeley, who works at the Greater Essex County District School Board and helps run the kitchen. "You would never know it was that macaroni and cheese powder they started with."