Winnipeg school joins others in banning leggings

One Winnipeg school is joining a growing number of educational institutions across Canada and the United States that won’t let their students wear leggings to class.

St. Boniface Diocesan High School has instituted a policy that “leggings, tights and yoga pants aren’t to be worn in place of pants.”

The school is the latest in a string of schools in places like Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Minnesota that don’t want to see their students in the lyrca-spandex bottoms.

High school student Samantha Baldwin said she hopes a similar policy isn’t adopted by her school. “They’re pants! They’re not revealing all your skin,” she said.

Jessica Forbes agreed. “Honestly, if I wanted to wear leggings, I would still wear them. It wouldn’t stop me,” she said.

Winnipegger Sue Bishop said she doesn’t see the problem with high schoolers wearing leggings.

“You’re talking to someone who when we went to high school, we couldn’t wear trousers. So something that covers your legs sounds good to me,” said Bishop.

She conceded if the school is conservative, she could understand the move to ban them. “I don’t think it will work very well,” she added.

American Apparel sells a wide variety of leggings in Winnipeg. Employee Ariana Moeglen said part of the appeal is comfort.

“People wear them with tunics,” explained Moeglen. “They’re really good for running around for what people are doing throughout their day."

To see what schools in Canada have instituted a legging ban, click on the locations marked on the map below.

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