‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon Slams Marjorie Taylor Greene for Baltimore Bridge Conspiracies: ‘Submoronic Pratfall of a Human Being’

“The Wire” creator David Simon denounced conspiracy speculation that the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge seems like a terrorist attack.

Simon, who formerly reported for The Baltimore Sun before writing the book behind “Homicide: Life on the Street,” went specifically for politician Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has played into spreading rumors in the wake of the tragic event.

“Are you intentional or just an accident?” he wrote, retweeting words from Greene, who used the phrase in her questioning of the events. “You complete submoronic pratfall of a human being.”

“There should be a serious investigation into the horrifying tragedy of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland,” Greene tweeted with a video investigating details of the bridge’s collapse on Tuesday. “Is this an intentional attack or an accident?”

Simon also replied to several other tweets about the accident, such as one from Anthony Sabatini claiming “DEI did this.”

“Your mother did you, but after a hard life of service on a truck-stop lot, can we really hold her loosened, battered womb responsible for dropping you head-first on the Winnebago floor and burdening our society with another empty, racist demagogue thereafter?” Simon wrote in response. “We cannot.”

Early Tuesday morning, a large cargo ship appeared to lose power and crashed into one of the bridge’s support columns. The bridge ultimately collapsed, but the crew was reportedly able to issue a “mayday” before the catastrophic event, giving authorities time to block off entries and preventing the death toll from being as high as it could have possibly been otherwise.

Still, according to The Baltimore Sun, “Several cars were knocked into the Patapsco River and as of Tuesday around 11 a.m., authorities were searching for six construction workers who had been repairing potholes on the bridge.” Two others were rescued — one briefly hospitalized and another who didn’t go to a hospital.

“Thinking first of the people on the bridge. But the mind wanders to a port city strangling. All the people who rely on ships in and out,” Simon initially tweeted in response to the accident. “The auto-ship imports, Domino Sugar, coal exports, dockwork, whatever container traffic we didn’t lose to Norfolk. Industries. Jobs. Families.”

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