Wisconsin Family Finds Lost 450-Lb. Pig Named Kevin Bacon, Lures Him Back Home with Oreos

When the "gentle giant" showed up on the family's security camera, they knew just what to do and used his favorite snacks to lead him home

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a pig


A stock image of a pig

A runaway pig named Kevin Bacon is back home thanks to a Wisconsin family — and a few Oreos.

Kevin, who weighs a whopping 450 pounds, waddled his way into the Molgaard family’s backyard earlier this month, where he was captured on their security cameras, Jake Molgaard recalled to the Associated Press on Wednesday.

“My wife spotted an unusual shaped figure on our driveway camera walking along our garage,” the business owner said, noting that Kevin “ended up coming right up to our back door.”

Molgaard’s wife immediately took action and “started feeding him right away,” Jake said. “That’s what she does with every animal that comes to our backyard.”

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<p>Kenosha County Sheriff's Department/Facebook</p> Kevin Bacon the pig with a Kenosha County sheriff's officer

Kenosha County Sheriff's Department/Facebook

Kevin Bacon the pig with a Kenosha County sheriff's officer

Kevin indulged in rice cakes, carrots, tomatoes and apples before the Molgaards reached out to a nearby farmer friend, hoping to find out where Kevin wandered from. The friend happened to know Kevin’s owner and called him, only to discover he was out of town.

Kevin’s owner asked if the family could “lure” his animal back home. He gave the Molgaards a few pointers and revealed that Kevin loves sweet treats like cookies and marshmallows.

The Molgaards took note and left a trail of snacks for Kevin to follow along the side of the road. The treats included Oreo cookies and other snacks the family had around their kitchen, per local news station KY3. Molgaard told KY3 that Kevin’s owner said the pig most likely fled because he was lonely and wanted some kind of interaction.

During their trip to return Kevin, the family had a Kenosha County sheriff's officer check in to make sure the pig was safe. He snapped a few pics with the animal, later sharing the image on the sheriff’s department Facebook page. The family also enlisted help from their 16-year-old daughter, who rode on Kevin’s back to deter him from trying to escape during the mile-long trip.

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Kevin arrived back home about two hours later.

Molgaard told the AP that they still visit the animal to bring him some of his favorite snacks.

“He is a massive creature, but the owner says he’s a gentle giant,” he added. “We have been over there every day giving him a dozen donuts.”

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This isn’t the first time a pig named after the Leave the World Behind actor escaped.

In October, a 200-pound pet, also named Kevin Bacon, ran away one day after moving in with Chelsea Rumbaugh and her family in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

<p>Bring Kevin Bacon Home Facebook</p> Kevin Bacon the pig in Pennsylvania

Bring Kevin Bacon Home Facebook

Kevin Bacon the pig in Pennsylvania

At the time, the community rallied together and the family set up food around their property and barn in hopes of leading their pig back home. Actor Kevin Bacon himself even shared a link on Threads to spread awareness of the search.

After two weeks on the lam, his namesake returned home, thanks to a sticky bun snack containing pet-safe Benadryl that the Rumbaughs had left out for him.

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