Woman rushed to hospital after drinking coffee contaminated with insects in Majorca

A photo appeared to show tiny flies in the woman’s cup (Ultima Hora)
A photo appeared to show tiny flies in the woman’s cup (Ultima Hora)

A 21-year-old woman was left fighting for her life in hospital after drinking a coffee bought in Majorca that was contaminated with insects.

The young woman reportedly went into anaphylactic shock after consuming the drink, bought from a vending machine at Majorca’s international Son Sant Joan airport, five miles outside the island’s capital Palma.

She told Spanish news Ultima Hora she lost her vision during her ordeal.

She said she noticed a strange taste as soon as she drank the coffee, around 10.30am on Monday.

Looking inside the cup, she saw “little antennas and wings” and realised there were a number of insects inside it.

“Shortly afterwards I told my partner: 'I don't see',” she later told Ultima Hora from her hospital bed.

She said she soon “lost consciousness”.

The woman is then said to have gone into anaphylactic shock.

Her face swelled and she began to experience difficulty breathing, Ultima Hora reported.

Airport staff reportedly treated her with an adrenaline shot, and she was taken to a hospital in Palma.

She is said to have spent 36 hours in intensive care, before being released on Wednesday.

A photo appeared to show at least seven small black flies stuck to the inside of her coffee cup.

The vending machine from which she bought the coffee is said to have been closed after the incident.

The airport has allegedly opened an investigation, and is said to have asked the vending machine company to carry out an inspection of its machines.

The woman’s family has reportedly filed a complaint to the National Police, warning of the possible public health risk posed by the machine, which they believe was poorly maintained.

Palma Airport has now opened an investigation into the incident, Ultima Hora reported.