Wow! This 100-inch QLED TV is $2,700 off (yes, you read that right)

The Hisense 100-inch U76 QLED TV on a white background.

If you’ve been checking out TV deals for the biggest of TVs to fit into your home, take a look at what Best Buy has on sale right now. Today, you can buy the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV for $2,300, which is heavily reduced from $5,000. Yup, you got it. We’re talking about a huge $2,700 discount. If you want to buy the biggest TV your living space can fit, this is the TV you need in your life. It even comes with free installation. Want to know more? Let’s take a look.

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Why you should buy the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV

Hisense is one of the best TV brands for value and the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV certainly demonstrates fantastic value. While it might not be one of the very best TVs around, it’s still packed with great features. It has a Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut so you get purer, richer, and more brilliant and accurate colors. Just what you would expect from a QLED TV but with a huge display here.

There’s also full array local dimming technology to precisely adjust the LED’s brightness in both dark and bright areas of the picture. That means greatly improved contrast which ties in well with features like Dolby Vision, and Smooth Motion which removes the digital noise that can affect moving objects. Hate motion blur during fast-moving action? That’s all gone thanks to the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV’s technology.

For gaming, there’s a dedicated Game Mode Pro which works alongside the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV’s HDMI 2.1 inputs. You get an automatic low-latency mode with variable refresh rates and FreeSync Premium all leading to lower input lag, no screen jitter and no frame tearing. When watching movies, like with the best QLED TVs, you can also enjoy a dedicated Filmmaker Mode which disables all post-processing so you get the experience the filmmaker wants you to see.

For sound, there’s Dolby Atmos support so it sounds great. When it comes to smart TV support, there’s also Google Assistant compatibility and Alexa, so you can easily enjoy hands free voice controls. Rounding things off well, you can always connect the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV to your Bluetooth soundbar or headphones too.

Packed with key features, the Hisense 100-inch U76 Series QLED TV is normally $5,000 but right now, you can buy it for just $2,300 at Best Buy. A huge discount on a similarly huge QLED TV, this is one not to be missed. Check it out now before the deal ends very soon.

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