The writers' strike ripened Bad Boys: Ride or Die, says Will Smith

Will Smith believes 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' "ripened" amid the writers' strike.

The 55-year-old actor reunited with Martin Lawrence to shoot the latest film in the 'Bad Boys' franchise, and Will has recalled how the movie was disrupted by strike action in Hollywood.

The movie star - who appeared in the original 'Bad Boys' film back in 1995 - told PEOPLE: "We got shut down in the middle. Double strikes - writer strike, actor strike - right in the middle of the movie.

"We wanted to finish the movie really bad. We knew that we were making something special, so trying to keep it all together during that time was difficult."

On reflection, Will now believes that the delay has actually proven to be a blessing in disguise for the new 'Bad Boys' movie.

He said: "As it turned out, it actually helped us - the movie ripened during that time."

Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the new movie, loved the experience of working with Will and Martin, 59.

Speaking about the Hollywood duo, Jerry shared: "They're creative and fun. They're so great to work with.

"There's never any arguments, we just have a blast going through the process, and it's a long process to get these made."

Jerry, 80, also claimed that Will and Martin are the same guys both on the set and off it.

The veteran filmmaker shared: "I'll tell you, Will and Martin are no different. They're great in front of the camera and they're fun off camera, they really are.

"They're good friends and I love being with them, and they're just great talents. The world is a better place with Will and Martin in it."