Yankees legend Derek Jeter has one regret from his playing days

Derek Jeter has one regret from his playing days, but it’s pretty tame. (AP)

It’s good to be Derek Jeter. Over a 20-year career, Jeter accomplished just about everything. He won the Rookie of the Year award, made 14 All-Star teams, picked up five Gold Gloves and led the New York Yankees to five World Series championships.

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Though he’s done it all, Jeter does actually have one regret from his playing days. He told the New York Post he wishes he had kept a journal throughout his entire career.

“I really haven’t [reflected on my career]. I really haven’t sat back and reflected. Someone asked me recently, do I have any regrets in my career? My last season, I kept a journal; every day I’d write something in there,’’ Jeter told YES Network in a sit-down interview with Jack Curry that will air after Monday’s game against the Reds.

“The one regret I do have is that I wish I would’ve done that my entire career, because there are so many things that you forget. Still to this day I haven’t looked at it. It’s locked up and I haven’t looked. I’m going to be a father soon, so I’m sure one day when I sit down with my kid — or kids, if there’s multiple — I’ll get a chance to reflect and maybe brag like my dad used to do when I was younger.”

It’s a touching and sentimental thought. Jeter wishes he did a better job documenting his journey as a major leaguer. That’s admirable.

At the same time, we can’t help but think he’s selling himself short here. He could change the outcome of the 2003 World Series, or fix his relationship with Alex Rodriguez so it wouldn’t become a major point of contention when they were teammates. Instead, he chose a journal. We’re not knocking the choice, but we’re also not sure he’s realized the full scope of his power in this scenario.

With that said, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Jeter doesn’t want to make any drastic changes to his playing career. He’s one of the most celebrated players in recent memory, an easy first ballot Hall of Famer and a legend for the game’s most popular franchise.

His one regret is pretty tame, but it’s tough to blame him. If you were in Derek Jeter’s shoes, would you really want to change anything about your life?

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