Yellowknife RCMP detachment still without running water

Yellowknife's RCMP detachment is still without running water following a break in the main water and sewer pipe, according to an RCMP spokesperson Wednesday.

RCMP notified the public about the problem in a press release on Dec. 4. 

Since then the detachment has been operating on reduced administrative service hours. There's been no change in service for front-line policing, investigative services or the Operational Communications Centre, said RCMP spokesperson Marie York-Condon in an email to CBC.

Fingerprinting and criminal record checks were temporarily suspended but have resumed.

It is too soon to say how long the repairs will take. - Marie York-Condon, Yellowknife RCMP

"We are managing around the challenges brought by the main break, with no running water," wrote York-Condon. 

Alternative water and facilities have been provided, she said. When pressed for further details about those "alternative" facilities, working conditions and how they are affecting staff, RCMP declined CBC's request for an interview.

York-Condon later said the matter is "not a public safety concern at this time." She said staff are being looked after.

Kate Kyle/CBC

"Alternative staffing models have reduced the occupancy load on the building overall," wrote York-Condon. Those measures will remain in place until either a temporary and or permanent solution is in place, she said.

York-Condon said they are working closely with the building contractors, the Northwest Territories RCMP property management team, and engineers and specialists on the planning of the repairs.

"It is too soon to say how long the repairs will take," she said.

On Wednesday work on the plumbing problems appeared to have started.

The contractor hired to repair the plumbing problems, Canada North Projects Ltd., told CBC the section of road outside the detachment on 49 Avenue will be closed intermittently for up to two weeks.

Kate Kyle/CBC

It will be blocked off between 50 Street and 51 Street — the block in front of the detachment. Workers will be digging up and repairing a sewer main.

The RCMP say front counter support services will remain open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. until further notice.

Operational and essential staff continue to work out of the main building and policing service continues to be provided on a 24/7 basis, wrote York-Condon. There may be delays for administrative requests.

"Our main message to the citizens of Yellowknife is to continue to dial into our emergency numbers as required. We are responding to all calls for emergency services," she said.