'Yellowstone' Fans Threaten to Be "Done With the Show” After Seeing New Beth-Rip IG Post

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Yellowstone season 5 is sure to bring some intense action and drama when the Paramount Network show returns on November 13. But even still, fans are demanding that the writers spare Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser) any turmoil — or else.

Recently, Yellowstone's official Instagram page shared a short snippet of Beth and Rip talking about birthdays. “Celebrating Rip Wheeler today and always,” read the caption for the Instagram video. “PS: Get ready, #YellowstoneTV fans. Something big is coming. 👀.”

But even though the post was meant to honor Rip with a heartwarming message, fans took the Instagram to mean something entirely different. Reacting to the second half of the statement, folks immediately started bracing for the worst. Some Yellowstone fans jumped to conclusions that the show was teasing a not-so-happy ending for the newlyweds who tied the knot in season 4.

“’Something big is coming’ hmm, spoiler. Way to ruin it, he's probably gonna die. 🙄,” one person wrote in the show’s Instagram comments section. This note set off a domino effect of concerns about Beth and Rip’s futures.

“If he dies I’m breaking my screen and never watching anything from Taylor Sheridan again,” another replied. “[I don’t care] what happens in this next season just DO NOT take rip away from Beth!” a different fan said. “Let’s be positive [because] if they kill him I’m done with the show 😂,” someone else added.

That said, there is no indication that Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is planning to pull Beth and Rip in separate directions. Theories aside, the Instagram caption reading “something big is coming” likely referred to the release of the official Yellowstone season 5 trailer, which dropped the next day.

The heart-pumping trailer showed Beth stepping up as John (Kevin Costner)’s right hand and her ongoing rivalry with CEO of Market Equities Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) heating up. But could Rip get caught in the crossfire?! Guess we'll find out very soon.

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