Yes, Glen Powell Had a Tiny Role in “The Dark Knight Rises”: I Was a 'Super Sexy Stockbroker'

The 'Anyone But You' actor appeared in the 2012 Christopher Nolan film 'The Dark Knight Rises' before fame

<p>Chris Saucedo/Variety/Getty</p> Glen Powell Austin, Texas, on May 17

Chris Saucedo/Variety/Getty

Glen Powell Austin, Texas, on May 17

Before Glen Powell was flying high with Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick or falling in love with Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You, he played a small role in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

In partnership with Netflix to promote his latest film Hit Man, Powell, 35 took to the streets of Austin, Texas, to invite people to debate different movie prompts. At one point in the video, posted May 30, the actor asked two women to debate over if Michael Keaton is the best portrayer of Batman or not.

He then asked them if they remembered a section from 2012's The Dark Knight Rises where "Bane (Tom Hardy) walks into a stock exchange and hits the head of this super sexy stockbroker." He quickly revealed: "That was me actually.”

In The Dark Knight Rises, Powell’s character is getting his shoes shined with another stockbroker before ending up in the middle of Bane’s heist at the New York Stock Exchange. He tells Bane that “there’s no money you can steal” before he gets his head bashed into a desk.

<p>Hubert Vestil/Getty</p> Glenn Powell at the premiere of <em>Hit Man</em>

Hubert Vestil/Getty

Glenn Powell at the premiere of Hit Man

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Powell also spoke about his small role in Nolan's Batman franchise with Discussing Film back in January and called it a “major moment in my life and career.” Said Powell, “If nothing ever happened in my career, at least I got my a-- kicked by Bane!”

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The actor's resumé is actually quite varied, and includes 2016 historical drama Hidden Figures. He recently opened up about that experience while appearing on the Therapuss with Jake Shane podcast.

"I remember watching Hidden Figures for the first time on the Fox lot ... and this was before all the effects were done, the music was in, the sound design ... and I literally left the movie and I puked in the bushes," said Powell during the May 22 episode.

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Powell said that at the time, "I was like, 'All these women put in these great performances,' and it's like, the legacy of these women. I was like, 'I literally ruined this movie.' "

"We all want to be good — we all want to service something greater — and nobody wants to be the weak point in a movie, especially when you're talking about real-life stories," Powell said.

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