Young woman finds what appears to be a frog in her takeaway

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This is the stomach churning moment a young woman found an unidentified mass in her takeout food she believes to be - a dead frog.

Bethany was tucking into left over mashed potatoes she ordered from the popular food chain Cheesecake Factory, when she came across a large black abnormality.

She took the black mass from the meal and rinsed it under the tap and noticed that it looked like a dead frog or toad.

Bethany, from Florida, USA, posted the video on her Snapchat and it gained traction among her horrified friends and later via her followers and audience on TikTok @bethanybutwith2arms.

Bethany, who wishes not to reveal her surname, said: "This video was taken on April 6th at around 8:30 pm when I was eating my leftovers and came across a weird object in my food. I recorded to snapchat my friends and ask them if they knew what it was.

"The video shows a black foreign object that appeared to be a small toad in my cheesecake factory mashed potatoes. I was disgusted when I rinsed it off and began to gag.

"I do not know what the object is yet and am still in the process of further investigation through a laboratory.

"Hopefully soon, I will know what this object is. I cannot reveal any outcomes until further action has been taken."

A representative from the Cheese Factory said: "We take food safety and sanitation very seriously and are committed to providing a safe dining experience to all of our guests whether they dine-in or order take-out and delivery.

"We are very concerned to hear of this incident and have been in touch with the guest."