Youth group reveals what a drone obstacle course and 6,000 pudding cups have in common

Youth group reveals what a drone obstacle course and 6,000 pudding cups have in common

What does a drone obstacle course and more than 6,000 pudding cups have in common? The Faith Baptist Church 'Donut Club' youth group in New Maryland knows the answer.

The kids church group collected more than 6,000 pudding cups and built them into an obstacle course for flying drones, before donating the food to those in need.

- Charities struggle with increasing demand and more competition for donations 

The youth group spent months gathering the snacks for their annual food drive, but used the incentive of the "world's largest pudding obstacle course" to encourage children to collect food donations. 

"It's all about collecting the food for donating," said Pastor Larry Matthews."But it's also about having a little bit of fun with it, with the kids before we give it away." 

Something to get excited about

Parents volunteered to build towering snack structures on Tuesday night, while kids piloted drones throughout the structure. In February the group's original plan was to gather 5,000 pudding cups.

"I don't think a single pudding was sacrificed," said Matthews. "And the kids love it."

In previous years, the group has seen themes revolve around everything from vegetables, to Kraft Dinner, to toilet paper.

This year, Matthews said the church wanted to focus on giving kids something they could get excited about. 

"We brought in a lot, maybe a little less than 100," said Ella Coulombe,10, who brought in dozens of puddings in the last several weeks. "It's good because it's for a good cause." 

"My favourite part was the drones and building the pudding mazes," said Joshua Morris,eight.

Despite collecting nearly a thousand litres of butterscotch, chocolate and vanilla puddings, Matthews says the church will be looking to top that number at next year's food fundraiser.

"We're just grateful to be helping out," said Matthews. "If the church isn't doing something in the community then something isn't right."