Yukoner making waves in synchronized swimming

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Yukoner making waves in synchronized swimming

Keith Maguire remembers coaching his son Camron's soccer team a few years ago, or at least trying to.

"He would wait in the car while I coached his friends," he said. "It killed me at first but he just wasn't into the sport."

Keith says it couldn't be more different these days when it comes to his son's love for swimming ... synchronized swimming.

The 16-year-old Whitehorse high school student is the lone male on the Northern Novas synchronized swimming team.

His venture into the world of synchronized swimming started innocently enough.

"I wanted to go into a sport one year, but I forgot to sign up," said Camron.

With both of his sisters already in synchronized swimming, he decided to give it a shot. He was immediately hooked.

Four years into the sport, Camron is showing no signs of slowing down.

"He can't wait to get in the pool, we were surprised how much he liked it and just how totally committed he is to the sport," said Keith. "He handles himself well and is really open about what he does."

Camron says both his sisters and his friends are supportive of his love of a sport often associated with women.

As for why he loves the sport? He rattled off a list of reasons, when asked, noting the increased strength and flexibility he has since he started.

"It's fun, you can express yourself, but at the same time you can keep to yourself if you want," said Camron.

Despite often being the only guy at competitions, the teen doesn't seem fazed.

"I get a reaction from some of the other teams that we swim against," he said. "It's like, oh look, there's the boy ... it's fine ... I'm definitely going to keep swimming, it will be interesting to see where I get."

Keith, isn't surprised how his son has embraced being the only boy on the team.

He credits that to the Camron's fellow swimmers and his coach.

"He's not really seen as different or unique," said Keith. "I think it surprises him when he goes outside and gets all this attention, but he does have that showmanship to him too, so I think he likes the attention."

Camron and his Northern Nova teammates will be competing at the Canada Games Centre in Whitehorse this Saturday as part of the spring water show.