• Gruesome killing of New Mexico girl stuns friends, neighbours

    It was in early morning darkness that officers scrambled to sort out the chaos at an Albuquerque apartment complex where a couple had reportedly been attacked, the woman bleeding from a head injury and the man with a black eye and wearing blood-stained shorts. With the fire alarm blaring, they busted in the front door and searched the smoke-filled apartment for Victoria Martens. Details of what New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and law enforcement officials described as an unspeakable crime emerged in a criminal complaint made public Thursday.

    The Canadian Press
  • Scarborough residents reveal grisly details of crossbow deaths crime scene

    Almost five minutes of screaming broke the usually quiet Scarborough neighbourhood Thursday afternoon before a deathly silence settled over the Lawndale Road home where three people were pronounced dead from crossbow injuries once paramedics arrived. A source with knowledge of the investigation said it's believed all three victims — two men and a woman — are related, but police haven't yet revealed their identities. Brett Ryan, 35, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder and was scheduled to appear in court this morning.

  • Canada ex-PM Harper quits Parliament, to work as consultant

    OTTAWA (Reuters) - Former Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who served in office from 2006 to 2015, announced on Friday he was leaving Parliament, and he appears set for a career in the private sector. Harper, 57, quit as Conservative leader after losing an election last October to the Liberals of Justin Trudeau. Although Harper did not say what he would be doing next, he and two close aides established a consulting business in late 2015. In May, a source told Reuters that several companies had asked Harper to sit on their boards. ...

  • Zip line company: Woman who fell had unhooked safety gear

    A woman who fell 35 feet to her death from a zip line platform had disconnected herself from the safety system, the attraction's operator said Thursday. Delaware State Police investigators are investigating how Tina Werner tumbled off the platform at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure attraction in Lums Pond State Park on Wednesday. Participants at Go Ape courses are equipped with climbing harnesses and two sets of ropes with carabiners that they unclip and clip to safety wires in sequence as they move through the trees.

    The Canadian Press
  • Vancouver couple sues hospital over alleged theft during baby delivery

    A Vancouver couple is suing BC Women's Hospital, saying they were robbed during the birth of their child. The lawsuit states that Erin Gilmore and her partner showed up at women's hospital — ready for their baby to be born. The claim states a nurse told her partner, Nelson Borges, to put all their belongings in a locker.

  • Psychiatrist diagnosed local optician without meeting him

    A Burlington optician is outraged after discovering a psychiatrist he'd never met wrote a critical two-page psychiatric evaluation about him without ever seeing or talking to him. The optician, Jay Hakim, filed a complaint with the provincial medical regulator, which concluded the psychiatrist's conduct was appropriate. It also parallels issues raised in the United States over whether psychiatrists can ethically provide opinions on the mental health of presidential candidates they've never met.

  • US swimmer Lochte's legal troubles mount in Brazil

    Brazilian police charged American swimmer Ryan Lochte on Thursday with filing a false robbery report over an incident during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. A police statement said Lochte would be informed in the United States so he could decide whether to introduce a defence in Brazil. The indictment will also be sent to the International Olympic Committee's ethics commission, it said.

    The Canadian Press
  • Chicago Story: Trump sends GOP donors spinning

    Ron Gidwitz, Dan Webb and William Kunkler are veteran Republicans — and friends — from Chicago's political money circuit. Gidwitz is hosting fundraisers for Donald Trump. Webb wrote a big check for Hillary Clinton.

    The Canadian Press
  • Cabin owners question 'disappearing' water on lakes outside Yellowknife

    Cabin owners in Yellowknife are questioning why water levels on and around Walsh Lake have dropped so drastically this summer. Mike Dove bought a cabin on Walsh Lake, about 16 kilometres outside Yellowknife, seven years ago.

  • Widespread destruction of Fort McMurray homes largely preventable, report says

    A new report concludes the widespread destruction of homes in the Fort McMurray wildfire was largely preventable. "The total number of homes lost at Fort McMurray would have been far fewer if there had been more widespread adoption of FireSmart risk-reduction practices by homeowners," according to the report by the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. FireSmart Canada is a national program that promotes measures to reduce wildfire risk.

  • Why can't we figure out roundabouts?

    With five roundabouts now in the capital city — not all of them yet operational — the push is on for drivers to educate themselves on how to navigate them. As simple as roundabouts are supposed to be, some motorists are still having trouble figuring them out, like the driver who tried to back out of the newest roundabout near the Paul Reynolds Community Centre in Wedgewood Park. Danny Breen said the city is trying to let drivers know about the rules of roundabouts, by placing ads in the paper and creating an interactive feature on its website.

  • Man charged in Toronto crossbow killings is a convicted bank robber

    A Toronto man charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the crossbow killing of three people Thursday has prior convictions for bank robbery. 

  • B.C. town bylaw creates $10K 'sidewalk to nowhere'

    A 100-metre stretch of concrete on the outskirts of town has residents of Smithers, B.C., scratching their heads. It all started when North Central Plumbing and Heating decided to move to a then-vacant building on the frontage road along Highway 16. The building required substantial renovations, and a Smithers bylaw requires projects over $75,000 to include public infrastructure.

  • Can a real estate agent protect you from biker gangs?

    In the advertisement, a parade of tattooed motorcyclists rumbles onto the driveway of a freshly sold home to hand the horrified new owner his leather vest. Welcome to the Satan's Undertakers!

  • Jelena Loncar killing: police announce $50,000 reward for information leading to arrests

    Loncar died when shots were fired outside the club in the early morning hours of Aug. 26, 2014. Loncar was shot once in the chest and died in hospital. Loncar's younger sister Lana Loncar was also at the news conference and said even though "there is no happy ending to this story" her family still wants justice for Jelena. "My sister will never get to celebrate another birthday, or get married, or have kids, or do anything at all," said Lana Loncar.

  • ‘Degrassi High’ actor, 3 women charged with child exploitation

    Thu, Aug 25: Former Degrassi High actor Jason aka Byrd Dickens and 3 women charged with child exploitation.

    Global News
  • Dig reveals surprise about 'super-henge' near Stonehenge

    An archeological dig at a "super-henge" site near Stonehenge where researchers said they had detected a "major new prehistoric stone monument" last year has found no giant stones after all. "What  we thought was a ring of stones here was actually a ring of massive, massive posts," Vince Gaffney, British project leader for the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, told CBC News following the dig earlier this month. Last September, the Hidden Landscape Project announced an astonishing discovery at Durrington Walls, about  three kilometres northeast of Stonehenge.

  • Dawson Creek to put down dogs after 'awful' attack

    Michelle Bassett woke up to what she called an "awful" noise on the evening of July 31. "I went down and when I got out to my front step and looked to the left, I saw my dog being attacked. Bassett said neighbourhood dogs — described as pit bulls — had attacked her family's golden retriever.

  • Worried parents search for daughter, 21, missing in Winnipeg

    The parents of 21-year-old Christine Wood are worried sick after not hearing from their daughter for almost a week. "I'm really worried," said Melinda Wood, Christine's mother. George and Melinda Wood last saw their daughter on Aug. 19 around 9:30 p.m. The couple left their hotel room near Sargent Avenue and Berry Street to run to the store, but when they returned Christine was gone.

  • Couple wanted in woman's killing, kids' kidnapping arrested

    A California couple wanted in connection with a woman's killing and the kidnapping of her three children in the Los Angeles area were arrested Thursday in Colorado. Joshua Aaron Robertson, 27, and Brittany Humphrey, 22, were arrested without incident in Pueblo, about 40 miles south of Colorado Springs, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The couple was wanted in connection with the death of Humphrey's half-sister, Kimberly Harvill, whose body was found with multiple gunshot wounds along a road in a remote area of Los Angeles County on Aug. 14.

    The Canadian Press
  • Quebec maple syrup rebel takes case to Supreme Court

    After losing her case in Quebec's highest court, the province's most infamous maple syrup producer is taking her fight to sell her product freely to the Supreme Court of Canada. Angèle Grenier imagined retiring on the profits of her maple farm, but she's ended up paying more than $100,000 in legal fees after Quebec's Maple Syrup Producers Federation took her to court for selling her syrup to New Brunswick. The federation exists to enforce a supply management system — including regulating quotas and prices — of maple syrup production in Quebec.

  • Here are the secret ingredients to 7 famous recipes

    Why are McDonald's fries so addictive and what makes KFC's chicken finger lickin' good?

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  • Brandon, Man. waitress saves choking customers with the Heimlich manoeuver

    If Tarriyanna Saunders happens to be your waitress you can feel comfortable chewing away. The Brandon, Man. waitress has built a reputation for her life-saving service after doing the Heimlich manoeuvre. "There was a senior that was choking at the front there," Saunders said, adding the restaurant staff knew she had helped choking customers before.

  • Grand chief calls for 'urgent meeting' and buyout of Tolko paper mill

    Northern Manitoba's First Nations want to take ownership of the soon-to-be-shuttered Tolko pulp and paper mill in The Pas. Sheila North Wilson, grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, said the mill is too important to northern First Nations to let it close. "It is time that First Nations took ownership of the northern forest industry and restored our stewardship of the forests within our ancestral lands and traditional and Treaty territories," North Wilson stated in a news release from MKO, which represents most of the province's northern First Nations.

  • Man sought in alleged racist confrontation, assault on SkyTrain

    Transit Police are seeking a man for allegedly attacking a male passenger and hurling racial insults and threats at a woman and her adult son.