• Holiday-bound parents leave blunt instructions to children

    The parents of Katie and Robbie Ewart did not mince their words when they left their children a four-page instructional note before heading out on holidays. “I know you both like to try and outdo each other in the ‘who can f*** up the most’ category, so don’t feel the need to express yourselves when I’m gone.

    The Daily Buzz
  • Dead geese had feet ripped off for Jack Miner leg bands

    The discovery of seven dead geese near a Kingsville bird sanctuary has owners worried the animals are being targeted for trophies. Some of the geese have had their feet ripped off and leg bands removed, explained Mary Baruth, the executive director at Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation. Most of the birds at the sanctuary are tagged with Jack Miner leg bands, which have become a hot commodity with some of the bands selling online for hefty prices.

  • Built For Your Busy Life

    Built For Your Busy Life

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  • Trump vs. Clinton: Is a 2017 'peaceful transfer' possible?

    ATLANTA — Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Donald Trump threatens America's very existence.

    The Canadian Press
  • Fort McMurray mother receives hefty airline bill despite Air Canada promise

    Christina Cormier said she even had the tickets to prove that she and her two-year-old daughter were allowed four suitcases that weighed slightly more than the usual limit since they were evacuees going back to the town. "I've been away from Fort McMurray for two months. El Jazouli booked the Air Canada tickets for Cormier and their daughter using their Red Cross registration numbers.

  • Man kills woman with machete in Germany, is arrested

    Police spokesman Bjoern Reusch told The Associated Press that witnesses said the 21-year-old asylum-seeker, who was known to police, was having an argument with the woman before attacking her about 4:30 p.m. The suspect, whose name was not released, wounded another woman and a man as he fled. The attack comes as Germany is on edge following a rampage at a Munich mall on Friday night by an 18-year-old who suffered psychological problems in which nine people were killed, and an axe attack on a train a week ago that left five wounded in southern Germany, for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

    The Canadian Press
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  • 'Underdiagnosed' variety of heart attack striking new moms

    After the birth of her third child, Nadia Lappa, 37, marvelled at how easily she was recovering compared to her previous pregnancies — until she suffered an unusual type of heart attack while visiting her co-workers at the office with her newborn son, Nicholas.

  • Road rage incident leads to attempted murder charges

    Sat, Jul 23: A 54-year-old man is facing attempted murder charges, following what police have described as a road rage incident in Terrebonne Friday afternoon.

    Global News
  • 12-year-old Hailey Grace Elizabeth McClelland missing from White Rock

    Police in White Rock are asking for help in finding a 12-year-old girl who was last seen on Friday, but not reported missing until 24 hours later.

  • "Shark Tank" Star's Brilliant Mortgage Payoff Tip

    "Shark Tank" Star's Brilliant Mortgage Payoff Tip

    If you're over 40 years old and you own a home, you need to read this. (It's not what you think!)

  • SIU investigating after Ottawa man arrested, seriously injured

    Ontario's police watchdog is investigating after an Ottawa man was taken to hospital with serious injuries following an arrest west of downtown Sunday. The man was transferred to the Ottawa Hospital's Civic Campus, said Special Investigations Unit spokesman Jason Gennaro. Abdirzaq Abdi told CBC News that he was on the eighth floor of his building when a neighbour yelled that police were arresting his brother.

  • Burned body found as wildfire burns near Los Angeles

    Thousands of homes remained evacuated Sunday as two massive wildfires raged in tinder-dry California hills and canyons, and authorities said a burned body was found in one neighbourhood swept by the flames. Firefighters have been working a fire up and down ridgelines since Friday that has blackened 31-square miles of brush on the edge of Santa Clarita and the Angeles National Forest. The body was discovered Saturday evening outside a home on Iron Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles, and detectives are trying to determine whether the person was killed by the blaze or another cause, Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Rob Hahnlein said.

    The Canadian Press
  • Hemingway (no relation) wins look-alike contest in Key West

    For the first time in its 36-year history, a Hemingway has won a competition seeking the man who most looks like literary giant Ernest Hemingway. Dave Hemingway was named the winner of the "Papa" Hemingway Look-Alike Contest on Saturday in Key West, Florida. The contest, which attracted 140 entrants, is the highlight event of the annual Hemingway Days festival that celebrates the author's legacy.

    The Canadian Press
  • Hilton HHonors™ Card

    Hilton HHonors™ Card

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  • East Vancouver man told to clean up mess after belongings catch fire

    An East Vancouver man has a mess to clean up after a suspicious fire destroyed a pile of belongings he was keeping outside of his landlord's house. Paul Hughes, a tenant of the house near the intersection of Stainsbury Drive and Victoria Drive, woke up to the smell of smoke after hearing some laughter outside his room just before 4 a.m. Sunday. Hughes rushed outside and discovered that a pile of belongings he had been keeping outside was on fire.

  • Man walking on rural road dies after being struck by vehicle

    RCMP are investigating what may be a hit and run accident involving a pedestrian who was struck and killed by a vehicle on a rural road near Meadow Lake, Sask. According to RCMP, around 5 a.m. CST Saturday, officers responded to a call about a pedestrian who appeared to have been struck by a vehicle on the Matchee-Neeb Road, which is approximately 20 kilometres east of Meadow Lake. Officers from the Meadow Lake detachment as well as specialists in forensics and collision reconstruction are involved in the case.

  • Police: Munich suspect was obsessed with mass shootings

    The gunman whose rampage at a Munich mall left nine people dead was a depression-plagued teenager who avidly read books and articles about mass killings and apparently tried to lure young victims to their deaths through a faked Facebook posting, authorities said Saturday. Information from witnesses indicated that his hatred of foreigners might have played a role in the mass shooting, even though he himself was the German-born son of Iranian asylum-seekers. Most of the dead were youths and all were Munich residents of varied ethnic backgrounds.

    The Canadian Press
  • A Checklist: Cozumel in a Day

    A Checklist: Cozumel in a Day

    Top five things you have to try if you make a stop in Cozumel.

  • New artificial reef is sunk off Florida's Pompano Beach

    Cheering and whistle blowing filled the coast of Pompano Beach on Saturday as approximately 300 boats watched Lady Luck sink on Saturday afternoon. "I think it went down just the way that we wanted," said Dennis MacDonald, the artist of the underwater casino. South Florida Divers sent a team of 12 divers into the water immediately after the sinking to verify the former tanker's location.

    The Canadian Press
  • History of famous Vancouver Chinatown restaurant revealed through collected menus

    The WK Gardens was once a popular Chinese restaurant in Vancouver's Chinatown that hosted special dinners for notable figures like former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and was visited by stars like actor Gary Cooper and Frank Sinatra. The daughter of the family who ran the restaurant has some of the personalized menus that the WK Gardens created when hosting various dignitaries, as well as vintage and modern menus from other Chinese restaurants. Imogene Lim has shared that collection with the Museum of Vancouver, and it's currently featured in the their latest exhibit All Together Now: Vancouver Collectors and Their Worlds.

  • From Newfoundland to Vietnam: CNA readies job programs in Southeast Asia

    For the past two years, the Newfoundland and Labrador-based community college has been working with the southeast Asian country to help match training programs to the job market. Brent Howell, CNA's dean of engineering technology and natural resources, said one of the challenges is that while CNA's programs are balanced between theory and practice, Vietnam's colleges are heavily geared towards theory. In some cases, said Howell, culinary students in Vietnam don't get any experience with basic kitchen tools.

  • High Interest Payday Loans are Ancient History

    High Interest Payday Loans are Ancient History

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  • Syrian refugees combat fear of water in Edmonton-area lake

    According to figures released by the UN Refugee Agency, the current count for the dead and missing in the Mediterranean sits at 2,951 for 2016. For many refugees here in Canada that, unsurprisingly, has translated into a fear of water. The fear is particularly prevalent among younger refugees, says Ghada Ageel, a refugee support manager with the Islamic Family and Social Services Association.

  • Whitehorse Bhangra dancer shows off Yukon to the world

    A Whitehorse man is turning  his love for Bhangra dancing into a way to showcase Yukon around the world. Gurdeep Pandher has been posting videos online of himself and dancing partner Manuela Haemmerli at locales in the Whitehorse area. "People are talking about the Yukon, people are talking about Whitehorse, even many, many people who didn't know that area," Pandher said.

  • Hitchin' a ride for 17 years: Polish world traveller crosses Yellowknife off list

    Since 1999, Krzysztof Chmielewski has made his way across 49 countries by sticking his thumb out and hitching a ride — now the Polish traveller can cross Yellowknife off his list. Chmielewski says he started by hitchhiking in Poland's neighbouring countries 17 years ago. Now he's doing North America, and committed to going to every province, and most territories, in Canada and every state in the U.S. — otherwise it wouldn't count.

  • P.E. Investors Still Attracted to Healthcare Ops

    P.E. Investors Still Attracted to Healthcare Ops

    These are some of the observations presented by William Douglass, Group Head and Managing Director, CIT Healthcare Finance.

  • Winnipeg women challenge 'period shame,' collect feminine hygiene products for North Point Douglas

    Two women are helping others access feminine hygiene products in Winnipeg's North Point Douglas, where rooming houses, poverty and low-income families are ubiquitous. Zacharias said while volunteering, she noticed feminine hygiene products were number one on the centre's donation wish list. Anything, Zacharias said, that women and families in the area might need.

  • Pokeball truffles, Pokestops and more! St. John's businesses cash in on Pokemon Go

    One of the first businesses to try and target Pokemon Go players was the Newfoundland Chocolate Company on Duckworth Street, where one young employee said he was surprised to discover the mural and mermaid statue outside the business were both Pokestops. "I think it would be great," said Denine.

  • First Zika Baby Born in the US

    Sat, Jul 23: Today's Global News Hour at 6 Health Matters is brought to you by Pharmasave.

    Global News
  • How Older Women Tighten Skin

    How Older Women Tighten Skin

    1 Brilliant Tip to Tighten Wrinkles Revealed.

  • Gophers 'ripping up crops' at Calgary-area farm

    The number of gophers popping up on Alberta farms and ranches have gone up in the last couple years. Joe Zink farms a couple thousand acres of land just west of Calgary. He says thousands of gophers are ripping up his crops. Zink says he hasn't seen this many gophers since the 1990's but thanks to a dry winter and early spring the population has exploded.

  • One man’s incredible conquering of Pac Man

    Well, one man committed a great deal of time, energy and focus to master the arcade game, which was a staple of the 1980s. Billy Mitchell is considered the greatest arcade gamers of all time, after being the first person to get a perfect score on Pac Man - 3,333,360 points.

    The Daily Buzz


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