• Fort McMurray mother recieves hefty airline bill despite Air Canada promise

    Christina Cormier said she even had the tickets to prove that she and her two-year-old daughter were allowed four suitcases that weighed slightly more than the usual limit since they were evacuees going back to the town. "I've been away from Fort McMurray for two months. El Jazouli booked the Air Canada tickets for Cormier and their daughter using their Red Cross registration numbers.

  • Man killed, woman injured in Hwy. 401 motorcycle crash

    A male motorcyclist is dead and a female motorcyclist is dealing with injuries after a crash on Highway 401 early Saturday morning, provincial police say. Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) say the crash involved at least three motorcycles and a transport truck at around 3:30 a.m. on the eastbound express lanes of Highway 401 near Keele Street. Sgt. Colin Style of the OPP Highway Safety Division told CBC News that a group of motorcyclists was riding on Highway 401 when the collision with the truck occurred, adding police have not yet determined the sequence of events that led to the fatal crash and some motorcyclists have returned to the scene to give eyewitness accounts.

  • Driving small business sales with social media

    Driving small business sales with social media

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  • Massive Hells Angels gathering met with calm in Carlsbad Springs

    Hundreds of Hells Angels gang members from across Canada have descended this weekend on the quiet east Ottawa community of Carlsbad Springs — but people there don't seem too concerned. The Ottawa Police Service has been bracing for the arrival of the Hells Angels, who chose Carlsbad Springs as the location for a national gathering to mark the 15th anniversary of the gang's 11 Ontario chapters. Attendance at the so-called "Canada Run" is mandatory, with hefty fines being levied against members who don't show up.

  • 'Shhhh!' Quiet clubbing dance craze comes to Ottawa

    A company based in New York City that specializes in a trend known as "quiet clubbing" is now making noise in Ottawa. "It's kind of a cool concept, right, because Ottawa ... they're a little stringent with the rules," said Tyler Monette, who came out for the party at the Baja Burger Shack. "I mean, it's huge in the United States and crazy in Europe as well, so it's just time to come here to Canada," said Liz Van Den Akerboom of Quiet Events Canada.

  • Clinton says veep pick Kaine is everything GOP ticket isn't

    Hillary Clinton debuted running mate Sen. Tim Kaine on Saturday as a can-do progressive committed to social justice and equality — "everything Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not" — at a boisterous rally ahead of next week's Democratic National Convention. At the splashy rally, Democrats sought to offer a contrast with Trump and Pence, whose first appearance together in a New York City hotel ballroom included a lengthy speech by the GOP businessman and much more limited remarks from Pence, the Indiana governor.

    The Canadian Press
  • Luxurious Estates Ideally Located in Chantilly

    Luxurious Estates Ideally Located in Chantilly

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  • Search under way for Calgary boy who fell into Yoho River

    A search is under way for an 11-year-old Calgary boy who fell into the Yoho River and was swept away, according to Parks Canada officials. Two boys fell into the river at about 7:40 p.m. on Friday near the Takakkaw Falls Day Use Area in Yoho National Park, said Parks Canada spokeswoman Tania Peters. "What I do know is that they were on the banks of the Yoho River and two boys actually slipped and fell in," Tania Peters told CBC News.

  • Police: Munich suspect was obsessed with mass shootings

    The gunman whose rampage at a Munich mall left nine people dead was a depression-plagued teenager who avidly read books and articles about mass killings and apparently tried to lure young victims to their deaths through a faked Facebook posting, authorities said Saturday. Information from witnesses indicated that his hatred of foreigners might have played a role in the mass shooting, even though he himself was the German-born son of Iranian asylum-seekers. Most of the dead were youths and all were Munich residents of varied ethnic backgrounds.

    The Canadian Press
  • Man walking on rural road dies after being struck by vehicle

    RCMP are investigating what may be a hit and run accident involving a pedestrian who was struck and killed by a vehicle on a rural road near Meadow Lake, Sask. According to RCMP, around 5 a.m. CST Saturday, officers responded to a call about a pedestrian who appeared to have been struck by a vehicle on the Matchee-Neeb Road, which is approximately 20 kilometres east of Meadow Lake. Officers from the Meadow Lake detachment as well as specialists in forensics and collision reconstruction are involved in the case.

  • Walden University - Master's and Doctoral Degrees

    Walden University - Master's and Doctoral Degrees

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  • What the dog smelled: The science and mystery of cadaver dogs

    When the cadaver dogs were called in, they needed just 15 minutes. One of the volunteers called in to help search for the body was Kim Cooper, a founding member of the Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue Dog Association, and the owner of two of the three cadaver dogs on the scene that July day in 1999. Piper was the second dog to indicate in this spot.

  • Syrian refugees combat fear of water in Edmonton-area lake

    According to figures released by the UN Refugee Agency, the current count for the dead and missing in the Mediterranean sits at 2,951 for 2016. For many refugees here in Canada that, unsurprisingly, has translated into a fear of water. The fear is particularly prevalent among younger refugees, says Ghada Ageel, a refugee support manager with the Islamic Family and Social Services Association.

  • Panhandler says Calgarians generous as cops say keep the change

    The money James Irvine gets from drivers helps him survive each day and thanks to a homeless agency he has a place to stay at night. The native Calgarian says he now panhandles at intersections around Calgary. "I find a lot of people are more helpful in Calgary," Irvine said.

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  • Garage sale app brings thrifting into the 21st century

    There was a time when the only way to find a good garage sale was to pore through the newspaper classifieds or run into one, by chance, in your neighbourhood. Travis Lutz has developed an app that uses a smartphone's location services to point users to the closest sale. "And then, you just hit the go button and that links you straight into Google Maps, which takes you into Google Navigation which takes you straight to the sale.

  • Alcohol ‘directly causes’ seven forms of cancer: study

    Scientists from New Zealand are warning in a new study that suggests alcohol “directly causes” seven forms of cancer.

    Global News
  • Prince Albert moves to emergency planning as oil-spill boom breached

    The city of Prince Albert, Sask., activated its emergency operations centre on Saturday afternoon to put together a contingency plan after noting that a boom set up to contain an oil spill upstream on the North Saskatchewan River had been breached. In an email Saturday night, Mel Duvall, a spokesman for Husky Energy, said the company's containment and cleanup efforts in the wake of the spill are ongoing.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Liberty Mutual Insurance

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  • Growing upwards: Why Toronto wants to make high-rises family-friendly

    John Preece and Amelia Bowler chose to abandon the idea of a backyard and white picket fence in Toronto — and trade it in for time spent with their children. "We have so little time to spend with the family as it is because we both work full time," said Preece, now a father of two.

  • Extreme unplugging: B.C. families paddle Mackenzie River to get kids away from screens

    Two young families from Vancouver found an extreme way to get their kids to unplug this summer — paddling 1,800 kilometres down the Mackenzie River. Kevin Vallely, his wife, and their two young daughters left their lives and iPads behind to paddle from Hay River to Inuvik, N.W.T., this summer. In an interview from their tent in the tiny community of Wrigley this week, Vallely set the scene: his daughters, 10-year-old Arianna and 12-year-old Caitlin, were playing cards, and his wife Nicky was looking at a map.

  • Paddling the Yukon River, for elephants and rhinos

    Marcus Savage and Peter Tyrrell, avid paddlers and campers back home in Kenya, are used to living and travelling in wild places, among wild animals.

  • "Shark Tank" Star's Brilliant Mortgage Payoff Tip

    "Shark Tank" Star's Brilliant Mortgage Payoff Tip

    If you're over 40 years old and you own a home, you need to read this. (It's not what you think!)

  • No proof to back most peanut plane fears inquiry finds

    Despite fears the mere presence of a peanut on a plane could inflame allergies, a Transportation Ministry inquiry has found "limited risk" anything other than actually ingesting a nut will cause an anaphylactic reaction. The probe, quietly released last month, recommends continuing with measures like in-flight allergic buffer zones because of the "serious health implications" in the event of a reaction. "Based on the information provided by the experts, it is clear that there is little to no evidence that there is a risk of anaphylaxis due to inhalation of or dermal contact with peanut, nut or sesame seed allergens," the inquiry says.

  • The Magdalen Islands' forgotten, decaying nature reserve

    When Sébastien Cyr took a group of birdwatchers by zodiac to his beloved Brion Island in May, he discovered the dock that once welcomed boaters was gone. "[There was] lots of garbage all around the harbour," Cyr said of the island located in the Magdalen Islands archipelago. Cyr says the unique natural environment of the island, which has been a protected nature reserve under provincial law since 1988, is being trashed and its facilities are deteriorating badly.

  • 500,000 spectators expected in Vancouver's West End for fireworks festival

    The team from the Netherlands will be the first to thrill onlookers at the Honda Celebration of Light, which will see up to 500,000 people squeeze into Vancouver's West End each night for three separate fireworks shows. "This festival continues to grow and it's really become interwoven into the fabric of Vancouver," said Paul Tilbury co-chair of the Honda Celebration of Light. Several hundred officers from the Vancouver Police Department will be on patrol, looking for people trying to bring outside alcohol into the show.

  • The Most Common Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

    The Most Common Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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  • Winnipeg travel expert says different destinations becoming popular in wake of global attacks

    Winnipegger Max Johnson has been watching events around the world including the mass shooting in Munich and the Bastille Day attack in France but it's not stopping him from getting on a plane to his next destination. Johnson is the founder of Great Canadian Travel and is currently in the south of France.

  • Organizers cancel Pokémon Go meet-up planned for Stanley Park

    Despite the news, many posting to the Facebook page insist they will still be visiting Stanley Park to hunt Pokémon this afternoon. "It was awesome, but everyone was looking at their phone," said Stephen Lecky.

  • Winnipeg women challenge 'period shame,' collect feminine hygiene products for North Point Douglas

    Two women are helping others access feminine hygiene products in Winnipeg's North Point Douglas, where rooming houses, poverty and low-income families are ubiquitous. Zacharias said while volunteering, she noticed feminine hygiene products were number one on the centre's donation wish list. Anything, Zacharias said, that women and families in the area might need.

  • HEARTGARD® Plus‎ (ivermectin/pyrantel) Savings

    HEARTGARD® Plus‎ (ivermectin/pyrantel) Savings

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  • New artificial reef is sunk off Florida's Pompano Beach

    Cheering and whistle blowing filled the coast of Pompano Beach on Saturday as approximately 300 boats watched Lady Luck sink on Saturday afternoon. "I think it went down just the way that we wanted," said Dennis MacDonald, the artist of the underwater casino. South Florida Divers sent a team of 12 divers into the water immediately after the sinking to verify the former tanker's location.

    The Canadian Press
  • Road rage incident leads to attempted murder charges

    Sat, Jul 23: A 54-year-old man is facing attempted murder charges, following what police have described as a road rage incident in Terrebonne Friday afternoon.

    Global News


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