Parole hearing set for Robert Kennedy killer Sirhan Sirhan
Parole hearing set for Robert Kennedy killer Sirhan Sirhan

SAN DIEGO - For nearly 50 years, Sirhan Sirhan has been consistent: He says he doesn't remember fatally shooting Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in a crowded kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

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  • Sanders defeats Clinton, Trump wins in New Hampshire

    Bernie Sanders won a commanding victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, and Donald Trump also scored a big win in a triumph of two candidates who have seized on Americans' anger at the Washington political establishment. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, beat a former secretary of state and first lady once seen as the all-but-certain Democratic nominee. While Clinton remains the favourite in the national race for the Democratic nomination, the win by the Vermont senator could be a springboard into a competitive, drawn-out primary campaign.

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  • Syrian refugee family combats bedbugs in Halifax apartment

    A Syrian refugee family living in a central Halifax apartment say they're suffering from something that plagues a lot of buildings: bedbugs. Ten-month-old Rayan Zeina grimaces as his mother, Wafaa Al Safadi, lifts his shirt to show his chest and back covered in itchy bites and large scabs. The Zeinas, a family of six, moved into the 10th floor of Harbour View Apartments on Gerrish Street less than two weeks ago and the problem is getting worse.

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  • Banks Are Worried Homeowners Will Do This.

    Homeowners are surprised and furious. If you owe less than $625,000 on your home, you better read this.

  • Calgary man arrested for vehicle repair fraud

    A young Calgary man allegedly victimized more than 50 people across the country in a vehicle repair scam, police say. 

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  • Brave Aussie takes photo with terrifyingly huge coconut crab

    Australia is notorious for its scary variety of local wildlife, but wait till you get a look at the coconut crabs that roam around its Christmas Island territory. A photo of Mark Pierrot holding one of the deadly creatures has gone viral. In a feat that would likely scare most people, he uses both hands to display the huge the crab’s huge pincers, according to the Huffington Post.

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  • Kelowna second-worst place to find a job in Canada says report

    Kelowna mayor Colin Basran maintains the city is in good economic shape, contrary to a report  that says Kelowna is second-to-last in Canada when it comes to finding a job. Kelowna plummeted from the second-best city in the country to find a job last year, to the second-worst place, this year, according to a Bank of Montreal report released last week.

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  • There is a new threat lurking on the internet that targets kids ages 10-13 years old

    Tue, Feb 9: It's called a sextortion, and as Angie Seth reports, many kids are victims.

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  • Trouble Understanding Your Teen?

    Raising teenagers can be a challenge. Learn why teens do what they do in our teen email series.

  • Dog left disabled in coyote attack needs new home

    Seven years ago, Artie the dog was roaming along the edge of an acreage in rural Lamont when he was brutally attacked by a pack of coyotes. After a bloody fight, two of the coyotes were dead, but Artie survived. "Some of Artie's teeth had been found in the skulls of the coyotes, which is why he's missing a few, " said Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society volunteer Cynthia-Jean Smith during a Tuesday morning interview on Edmonton AM.

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  • 'Disgusting, sad and horrible': Lafantaisie's family reacts to medical examiner's testimony

    Elizabeth Lafantaisie was sexually assaulted before being strangled to death and put in the trunk of her car five years ago, testified Dr. Thambirajah Balachandra in court on Tuesday. It was the second day in the first-degree murder trial of Thomas Brine, the man accused in the 73-year-old's death. Dr.Balachandra, Manitoba's chief medical examiner, performed Lafantaisie's autopsy.

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  • Puppy mill bust one of the largest ever in B.C., says SPCA

    Sixty-six suffering dogs were seized from a Langley, B.C., breeder on Feb. 4 in what the SPCA has described as one of the largest puppy mill seizures in the province. The dogs were found to be living in deplorable conditions, suffering from serious medical issues such as broken limbs, missing ears and eyes, infections, abscesses, malnourishment and dental disease, the SPCA said. According to the SPCA, 34 puppies and 32 adult dogs were living in small crates and cages stacked in dark, unheated buildings with dangerous ammonia levels resulting from accumulated urine.

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  • Gas prices plunge to 62.9 cents in Calgary, 56.9 cents in Edmonton

    Gas prices have plunged again in Calgary, but they're still not as low as what people are paying at the pumps in the provincial capital. At least three stations were charging 62.9 cents per litre in Calgary on Tuesday, while at least 10 in Edmonton had sub-60-cent prices, with the lowest ringing in at one Fas Gas outlet charging 56.9 cents.

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  • Read This Before You Buy Medigap Plan F

    Plan F is the most popular Medicare Supplement plan, but there's another Medigap option you should consider.

  • Pakistani restaurant caters to diverse customers in North Central Regina

    A Regina couple's love for food and cooking is behind a special restaurant in Regina's North Central neighbourhood. Mohammed Iqbal Ansari and his wife Ruby Iqbal are the loving owners of Ruby's Kitchen, located three blocks North of the Pasqua Hospital on Wascana Street. Iqbal cooked her first full meal when she was 12 years old.

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  • Oil producing Sask. First Nations sue Canadian Government for billions

    Oil producing Saskatchewan First Nations are suing the federal government in a class action lawsuit. Heather Rumble Peterson, a lawyer on the case, says the federal government hasn't done enough to support resource development on reserves. Rumble Peterson said the government has a legal obligation to develop land.

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  • Texas couple charged with forcing nanny to work for no pay

    A Houston-area couple forced a Nigerian woman to care for their five children and home without pay during a two-year period in which she was physically and verbally abused, made to work nearly 20 hours a day and told to sleep on the floor, federal authorities say. Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu were arrested Monday on charges of forced labour, withholding documents, conspiracy to harbour an illegal immigrant and visa fraud. Authorities say the couple seized the nanny's passport, so she was unable to leave.

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  • Montreal superintendent, building owner ordered to pay tenant $13K after racist remarks

    A Montreal superintendent along with the owner of the building have been ordered to pay a total of $13,000 for moral and punitive damages after actions targeting a Muslim tenant. Over the course of several years, Barchichat got into several verbal confrontations with Tighrine, who had been living in the Côte-des-Neiges apartment building on Ridgewood Avenue since 2007.

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  • Warm, dry winter money in the bank for Edmonton

    Edmonton's unseasonably warm, dry winter is putting a spring in people's step and extra change in the city's pockets. 

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  • High food prices inspire Montreal families to get creative with grocery shopping

    Sheila Dunwoodie, a part-time teacher and mother of four, has started using flyers and tracking down specials at various stores. Anneliesse Papaurelis and her fiancé have a blended family, and together they're raising three daughters. The program is open to everyone and provides a different mix of fresh food that members can pick up every two weeks.

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  • Intelligence officials: IS determined to strike US this year

    Leaders of the Islamic State are determined to strike targets in the United States this year, senior U.S. intelligence officials said Tuesday, telling lawmakers that a small group of violent extremists will attempt to overcome the logistical challenges of mounting such an attack. In testimony before congressional committees, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and other officials described the Islamic State as the "pre-eminent terrorist threat." The militant group can "direct and inspire attacks against a wide range of targets around the world," Clapper said.

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  • Anthony Heffernan, Dave McQueen both shot by same Calgary police officer

    The Calgary police officer who shot and killed Anthony Heffernan in a motel room last year — and has not yet been cleared of wrongdoing — was also involved in the shooting death of another man, according to CBC sources. The officer was one of three to fatally shoot Dave McQueen On Jan. 25, a man in a wheelchair who engaged in a shootout with police. Less than a year before, that same officer shot Anthony Heffernan four times — including three to the head, according to family — killing him in a hotel room in March 2015.

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  • Atlantic Canada in financial ruin within 10 years, predicts economist

    A New Brunswick economist is warning that Atlantic Canadians will become second-class citizens because of its aging population. Richard Saillant, director of the Donald J. Savoie Institute based at the University of Moncton, is predicting financial ruin for the eastern provinces within 10 years, with drastic implications for government services. Imagine when you double that amount of money as older individuals cost much more to the system," Saillant said.

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  • Driver tells of escape as truck fell from ferry: 'A matter of seconds'

    Dump truck driver Dean Snow narrowly escaped Monday night as his vehicle fell into the frigid Atlantic from a poorly docked ferry in northeastern Newfoundland. The truck slid between the MV Capt. Earl W. Winsor ferry and the Change Islands wharf at about 6 p.m., seconds after Snow, 48, went out the window. It was an International dump truck with 14 tonnes of sand aboard.

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  • Crystal meth becomes drug of choice for Windsor addicts

    Crystal methamphetamine has become the drug of choice among addicts in Windsor and it's destroying many people's lives, according to police and addiction experts. The drug became more common in the city about two years ago and its use has been steadily on the rise to the point where it has become the most common choice among addicts, Windsor police told CBC News. Drug experts say many crack cocaine users in Windsor have switched to crystal meth because the high lasts longer and it can be purchased for far less money.

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  • Shoe with foot inside found at Botanical Beach

    Charlotte Stephens says her family was walking along the beach when her husband made the discovery. The B.C. Coroners Service has confirmed the remains are human, and investigators are now working to find out whose they are.

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  • Ghomeshi trial puts spotlight on sex assault and justice system

    The sexual assault trial of fallen radio star Jian Ghomeshi was always going to be controversial. There was the 48-year-old’s pre-emptive strike on social media, defending his “private sex life,” and his $50-million lawsuit against the CBC, which dismissed the host over allegations of sexual violence dating back, some of them, well over a decade. The tone of coverage by dozens of media outlets flocking to the Toronto courthouse every day changed as Ghomeshi’s defence lawyer, Marie Henein, picked apart the testimony of the three women who allege the former CBC radio host punched, choked or otherwise assaulted them without their consent.

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  • Quebec government vows no new deals with public sector unions

    Quebec's treasury board president, Sam Hamad, says the Liberal government has no intention of sweetening any deals with the province's public sector unions. Quebec's government reached agreements-in-principle with many of the province's public sector unions toward the end of 2015.

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  • Hawaii travel alert

    Tue, Feb 9: Hawaii's Big Island has declared a state of emergency over a dengue fever outbreak. Consumer Affairs reporter Anne Drewa with information you need to know if you are planning a vacation to the tropics.

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  • Enormous rabbit looking for the right fit

    The Glasgow SPCA’s search for a forever home for one of its rabbits has gone viral, thanks to the massive size of the animal. Atlas is a continental giant rabbit, a breed of bunny that’s known for its big size, which is generally bred for its meat. The seven-month-old butterscotch-coloured bunny is already the size of a Westie and is expected to grow even more.

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  • Military Mortgage Rates In 2016

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  • Addresses won't be on Sask. vehicle registrations

    As a move to foil thieves, Saskatchewan Government Insurance is taking people's addresses off vehicle registrations. Meanwhile, SGI is also introducing another change that it says will make getting registrations more convenient. Now, anybody who's signed up for a free MySGI account can print off a vehicle registration at home.

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  • Alberta unite-the-right group aims to bring Wildrose, PCs together

    Mike Ellis, PC MLA for Calgary West, was one of the invited guests along with broadcaster Dave Rutherford, a spokesperson for a political action committee called the Alberta Prosperity Fund,. Rutherford has called on the PCs and Wildrose to field only one candidate in the upcoming Calgary-Greenway byelection, a seat that became vacant after the death of PC MLA Manmeet Bhullar.

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  • Woman buried in avalanche north of Pemberton, B.C. survives

    A woman knocked unconscious by an avalanche that buried her in nearly five feet of snow north of Pemberton, B.C., on Sunday survived — dug out within minutes by well-prepared backcountry skiers. The woman was part of a group of 10 people who were ski-and-snowboard touring in the backcountry near Wendy Thompson Hut, off the Duffy Lake Highway, said RCMP.

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  • Piatto given green light to open in former Canadian Tire building

    Piatto Pizzeria, which is known for its wood-fire pizza and wine, is set to open at 60 Elizabeth Avenue, in the former Canadian Tire building. Art Puddister said there were no objections to the project. The Baine Johnston Corporation, which owns Leon's, purchased the former Canadian Tire building in July.

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  • Indian scientists study chunk that fell from sky, killed man

    Scientists are analyzing a small blue object that plummeted from the sky and killed a man in southern India, after authorities said it was a meteorite. College principal G. Bhaskar said he heard a loud thud from his office, where several window panes shattered when the object hit the ground. College officials said window panes of the building shattered with the impact of the loud explosion.

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  • Calgary's downtown in a building boom despite downturn

    Calgarians have suffered tens of thousands of layoffs over the past year yet there are still cranes towering over the downtown skyline. Todd Throndson of Avison Young Calgary, a real estate services firm, explained the trend to the Calgary Eyeopener's David Gray. Throndson said Calgary's downtown office space will grow by four million square feet by the first quarter of 2018.

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  • Florida man throws alligator through Wendy’s drive-thru window

    A Florida man is in custody after he threw an alligator through the drive through window at a Wendy’s in Royal Palm Beach. According to WPTV Newschannel 5, the man in question pulled up to the window in his truck and placed his order. The attendant handed him a drink, and when she turned her back, he grabbed a 3.5 foot alligator from the back seat and threw it through the window.

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  • Firearms seizures at Ambassador Bridge tops in Southern Ontario

    More guns were seized at the Ambassador Bridge than any other crossing in southern Ontario in the second half of 2015, according to the Canadian Border Service Agency. Another 12 firearms and 40 prohibited weapons were seized at the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel. The number of weapons found at border crossings in Windsor contributed to the overall figures for southern Ontario, which had the most firearm seizures in Canada for that time period.

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  • The “wearable chair” could make your long work days better

    As weird as a “wearable chair” sounds, if you’ve ever worked a retail or service job that requires you to be on your feet for hours at a time, it could be heaven on earth. A company in Japan has created a wearable chair called the Archelis.

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  • It's electric! Environment minister's BMW reduces carbon footprint, sets example

    The newest electric car in Newfoundland and Labrador belongs to the new minister of Environment and Conservation, Perry Trimper. To do his part to reduce emissions and demonstrate that electric vehicles can work in this province, he has purchased a BMW i3, the first one to be sold in Atlantic Canada. "Welcome to the world of electric vehicles — it's just a matter of hitting the drive and away we go," said Trimper.

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  • Temple Grandin cancels Yukon appearances

    Autism Yukon had booked Grandin to give two talks at the Yukon Arts Centre, on Feb. 29 and Mar. 1. "We weren't expecting it at all," said Leslie Peters, executive director of Autism Yukon. Grandin is known worldwide for designing more humane cattle slaughterhouses, as well as for advocating for people on the autism spectrum.

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  • Wall says La Loche school that was site of deadly shooting will be utilized

    Premier Brad Wall is suggesting that it's not likely a northern Saskatchewan high school where two people were shot to death will be torn down. Wall says there are no immediate plans to demolish the school in La Loche and it will be utilized. Although, the premier adds it will be a school division decision.

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  • How To Pay Off Your Mortgage (It's Genius)

    Homeowners are surprised and furious. If you owe less than $625,000 on your home, you better read this...

  • Officers describe finding Tim Bosma's truck at home of mother of accused

    Police officers testifying at the trial of two men accused of killing Tim Bosma described a frantic search of a trailer found north of Toronto as they looked for the missing Hamilton man. Cory Weick told court Tuesday he and another officer responded to a call in Kleinburg, Ont., about a "suspicious trailer" that might be related to Bosma, who had disappeared a week earlier after taking two men for a test drive in the truck he was trying to sell. Weick, a York Regional Police officer, said he had to call the force's tactical team to break into a large trailer that was parked at the home of Madeleine Burns, Dellen Millard's mother.

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  • Sikh man barred from Mexico flight sees 'small victory'

    An Indian-American actor and designer who was turned away from an airline flight after refusing to remove his Sikh turban during a security check said he's "thrilled" that Aeromexico is vowing to overhaul its screening protocols. In an interview Tuesday night at a Mexico City hotel where he ended up extending his stay by two nights, Waris Ahluwalia also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support on social media that he believes helped pressure airline executives to change and apologize. Ahluwalia showed an excerpt from an email that he said came from Aeromexico.

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  • In Central America, gangs an obstacle in battle against Zika

    For health workers battling Zika across much of Central America, the immediate menace is not the mosquitoes that transmit the virus. Armed and well-organized street gangs known as maras exert near-total control over entire neighbourhoods, using sentries to track everyone who comes and goes. In some cases, they deny access to health crews they suspect of working with police or a rival gang.

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  • Focaccia bread recipe perfect for beginners, says chef

    "It's forgiving, so you don't have to really monitor your times, your kneading or your structure quite so much as you do with other breads that you're shaping," she said. The actual making of the bread takes at most ten minutes, said Docherty. Waiting for the yeast to activate and build the bread structure, on the other hand, requires a bit more patience.

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  • Beck Taxi urges drivers not to strike during NBA All-Star Game

    Beck Taxi is urging its drivers not to participate in a strike to protest against Uber during the upcoming NBA All-Star Game in Toronto this weekend. "In short, don't do it," Gail Beck-Souter, the president of the cab company, wrote in a note to drivers. "Some may want to convince you a protest that upsets this big event would help us get our message out.

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  • Magnitude 6.3 quake strikes Chile, no damage reported

    A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Chile's central region Tuesday evening, shaking buildings as far away as the capital of Santiago. The U.S. Geological Survey said the epicenter of the quake was 25 miles (40 kilometres) west of Ovalle. It struck at 9:33 p.m. and caused buildings to shake in Santiago, 202 miles (326 kilometres) to the south-southeast.

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  • CATSA to investigate handling of Manitoba grand chief's ceremonial pipe

    The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) says it is investigating after allegations were made by Manitoba Grand Chief Derek Nepinak that security staff at the Ottawa International Airport mishandled sacred objects in his carry-on luggage. Nepinak, grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, said his experience on Monday at the Ottawa International Airport left him feeling deeply uncomfortable. A female security guard was instructed to open a sacred bundle of ceremonial tobacco and a pipe during the carry-on screening process, Nepinak said.

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  • Developers of toppled Taiwan building detained

    Three Taiwanese construction company executives have been detained on charges of professional negligence resulting in death following the collapse of an apartment building that killed dozens. The district prosecutor's office in the city of Tainan said in a statement Wednesday that Lin Ming-hui and architects Chang Kui-an and Cheng Chin-kui were suspected of having overseen shoddy construction of the 17-story Weiguan Golden Dragon building, which crashed onto its side following an earthquake Saturday. The broadcaster FTV and other Taiwanese media said Lin had changed his name after a previous bankruptcy and had run multiple property development companies in Tainan an apparent attempt to avoid creditors and bilked clients.

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  • Husky Energy confirms layoffs

    Tue, Feb 9: Husky Energy has confirmed layoffs, but will not disclose how many workers were let go. Stefan Keyes reports.

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  • Police officers, sex trade experts worried after string of youth home disappearances

    A team of police officers that tries to help young women leave the sex trade is worried about what's happening at a group home in Laval. "This isn't a new phenomenon, so to point out and say that this youth centre is having issues, it's hard to say," said Melina Larizza, a co-ordinator for human trafficking awareness at the RCMP. One group that offers services and support to women who have entered the sex trade, La CLES, says that most women get into the industry at a very young age.

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  • B.C. premier tells real estate industry to act on allegations facing some agents

    Premier Christy Clark says she expects British Columbia's real estate industry to act on allegations that some agents are exploiting a clause that allows a contract to be resold multiple times before a property deal closes, driving up prices and commissions. Some Metro Vancouver real estate agents have allegedly been involved in "shadow flipping," or selling a property multiple times before a closing date. The allegations, which first emerged in media reports and from Opposition politicians, cast new scrutiny on the self-policing real estate industry.

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  • UP Express could double as downtown relief line, Wynne suggests

    As Metrolinx tries to figure our how to get more people to ride the Union Pearson Express, it should consider using it as a downtown relief line, Premier Kathleen Wynne said. "I think it's self-evident that it needs to happen," Wynne added. UPX averages less than 20 passengers per trip, according to the report.

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  • Syrian peace talks: War-weary refugees say they're not interested in empty promises

    From his small, rented apartment in Coquitlam, B.C., Adel Alzen says he feels a sense of relief at being able to safely walk his three sons to school. Alzen arrived in Canada in December, and enrolling his boys in school was a welcome way to put down roots, if bittersweet. "I thought that leaving Syria was temporary, but the war was going from bad to worse," says Alzen.

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  • Grocery store opens on Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

    People living in and around Brokenhead Ojibway Nation are celebrating the grand opening of a full-service grocery store in the community. Hundreds of people attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Brokenhead Grocery Store on Bear Road, directly across from South Beach Casino and Resort, on Tuesday morning. The grocery store allows people in the area to do their weekly shopping without driving 20-30 minutes to Selkirk, Man., said manager Kyle Tanner.

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  • Blizzard brings Cape Breton to standstill with school, office closures

    The blizzard that hit Nova Scotia was still raging in Cape Breton hours after the snow stopped on the mainland. Canada Post cancelled mail delivery, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality cancelled curbside garbage collection, Transit Cape Breton buses stayed off the roads all day and the civic centre in Sydney did not open. Hospitals around Cape Breton switched to providing emergency services only, which meant lots of tests and procedures had to be rescheduled.

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  • RAW: Dion Phaneuf leaves Leafs in Calgary, headed to join Senators

    Former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf boarded a flight in Calgary to join his new team, after being traded to the Ottawa Senators in a blockbuster nine-player deal Tuesday.

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  • Duffy’s ethics filing frees him to return to Senate if acquitted

    Embattled Sen. Mike Duffy could be considering a return to the Red Chamber, as indicated by his filing of an ethics declaration.

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  • RCMP urge motorists not to leave keys in car

    RCMP in Kings County are urging motorists not to leave keys inside their vehicles after several recent thefts in the area. RCMP say the keys had been left inside the vehicle. Staff Sgt. Kevin Baillie said there have been four similar vehicle thefts in the Kings County area since Jan. 1.

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  • Unwanted election signs irk Edmonton homeowner

    Jaclyn Gallop has had enough with the municipal election signs that keep cropping up in her backyard.

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  • Grisly details emerge during first day of Kirsten Lamb's murder trial

    Crown prosecutor Danielle Green revealed the victim was a 49-year-old pipefitter who lived with her dog, Rowdy, in a modest bungalow in the Capilano neighbourhood. Sometime between Nov. 27 and 29 in 2010, Sandra was killed at her home in Edmonton, Green told court.

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  • Step onto Mars with new 360 degree video from NASA’s Curiosity rover

    Ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the Red Planet? A new clip released by NASA this week shows something along those lines. The video, produced by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, shows a 360-degree perspective from the camera of its Curiosity rover.

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  • Yukon tourism industry sees upside to low Canadian dollar

    Yukon's tourism operators are poised to cash in on the slumping Canadian dollar, according to the head of the local Tourism Industry Association (TIA). "There's a good chance that 2016 and 2017 are going to be very good years" for Yukon tourism, he said. The low dollar has caused a bit of trouble for TIA Yukon, however.

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