• Family killed in Hwy. 407 crash would 'do anything for you'

    Ontario Provincial Police said the family was travelling westbound in the far-right lane of the 407 in a 1948 Chevrolet when something happened to the right rear tire that caused the driver to lose control. "None of us are ready for that," Christine Sargeson, a friend of the Harpleys for 30 years, told CBC News.

  • Trump dings both Clintons in rollicking press conference

    Donald Trump made an extraordinary plea for Russia to help find Hillary Clinton's missing emails — but he hardly stopped there in a scattershot news conference Wednesday that doubled as counter-programming to the ongoing Democratic National Convention. Former President Bill Clinton delivered an impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention praising his wife, Hillary Clinton.

    The Canadian Press
  • Luxurious Estates Ideally Located in Chantilly

    Luxurious Estates Ideally Located in Chantilly

    Enjoy proximity to dining, wineries and retail in your elegantly spacious new NV home at Dawson’s Corner, priced from the upper $640s.

  • Man struck by lightning as storm rips through Edmonton

    Early in the afternoon, Environment Canada issued severe thunderstorm warnings for Edmonton and the surrounding communities of Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Morinvillle, Big Lake and Villeneuve. At its height, the storm dumped heavy rain in the Edmonton area and caused flash floods. Flooding was so severe in certain areas that some commuters had to be rescued from their vehicles by boats.

  • Woman loses thousands over Facebook fake friend scam

    Wed, Jul 27: We're all on alert these days for online scams promising big returns for an investment. But what if it comes from a Facebook friend? Anne Drewa has a horror story.

    Global News
  • Larry Takahashi, serial rapist who targeted women in Edmonton, free on day parole in B.C.

    A serial rapist who targeted women in Edmonton decades ago is now free on day parole in Vancouver — though he's subject to several conditions. Larry Takahashi's request for six months unescorted day parole was supported by the Correctional Service of Canada, which had actually recommended full parole. The Parole Board of Canada, which makes these decisions, denied him full parole.

  • Walden University - PhD in Psychology

    Walden University - PhD in Psychology

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  • Toys taken from home daycare thanks to fake Kijiji ad

    A daycare provider in Bells Corners wonders what kind of person would place a phoney Kijiji ad encouraging people to come take the toys from her front yard. Heaven Stewart was returning from a weekend away when her daughter called to alert her to an ad offering free toys from her address. By the time she returned to her home a half hour later, nearly all of the items had been taken.

  • Reality check: Can B.C.'s new foreign-buyer tax cool Vancouver's housing market?

    The British Columbia government broke new ground this week, announcing a hefty tax on foreign homebuyers in the Metro Vancouver area, something Ontario quickly said it will watch closely as a possible way to cool off Toronto's hot housing market. The B.C. tax will force buyers who aren't Canadian citizens or permanent residents to pay an extra 15 per cent of the fair market value of any residential property they acquire, on top of the existing land-transfer fee — an extra $300,000 on a $2-million home, for example. Analystsdisagree on how much foreign buyers are driving up prices in the Vancouver-area market, as opposed to other factors like low interest rates, zoning issues, a lack of social housing and the city's all-around appeal.

  • Wisconsin girls to be tried as adults in Slender Man attack

    A Wisconsin state appeals court ruled Wednesday that two girls accused of trying to kill their classmate in an attempt to please the fictional horror character Slender Man should be tried as adults. Anyone 10 or older charged with first-degree attempted homicide is automatically considered an adult under Wisconsin law. The other girl has been diagnosed with a delusional disorder and a condition known as schizotypy, which a psychologist testified made her vulnerable to believing in Slender Man.

    The Canadian Press
  • An uncommon presentation on alternative investing

    An uncommon presentation on alternative investing

    Watch to see Invesco's perspective brought to life in a whole new way.

  • How a Viking dig in N.L. could rewrite history

    An international team of visitors to Newfoundland isn’t there this summer to check out the St. John’s harbourfront or go whale watching. Research done by a team of archaeologists led by Sarah Parcak found evidence of a past Norse Viking settlement at Point Rosee, a narrow peninsula in southern Newfoundland.

    Daily Brew
  • Fraud, forgery scheme lands former real estate agent in jail

    Cecil Burke, 53, falsified eight purchase and sale agreements between 2009 and 2011, forging buyers' signatures, making up their mortgage approvals and carrying out a "complex and sophisticated scheme," according to court documents. For each fake sale, Burke would create a document package that varied from house to house but typically included the sale agreement, a trade record sheet, a receipt of funds record and proof of financing. In total, Burke swindled $65,331.12.

  • K-Days shuts down exotic pet vendor

    K-days organizers have shut down a vendor who was selling super gliders, a small marsupial, on the midway after complaints from the public. Sugar gliders are nocturnal, gliding possums native to Australia. The compact animals have large eyes making them an attractive, impulse buy, said Ciera Kozak, president of Canadian Sugar Gliders Society, who filed a complaint with K-Days.

  • Delta Reserve Credit Card

    Delta Reserve Credit Card

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  • Bear closures expand near Canmore

    Alberta Parks has closed a well known area near Canmore after a bumper berry crop has made human-bear interactions more common this year, including two recent attacks. "A bear closure is in place including the area and trails south and west of the Canmore Nordic Centre, including Grassi Lakes trails and climbing area, and areas near Quarry Lake," the department said in an advisory Wednesday. Provincial Park ecologist John Paczkowski says berries bring bears, in an interview with CBC News on Friday.

  • Alberta defends carbon tax as report calls it aggressive

    Jason Kenney says Alberta's carbon tax regime is nothing to celebrate as a report comparing Canadian jurisdictions calls Alberta's plan the most aggressive system in the next four years. "News that Albertans will be paying the highest carbon taxes in the country is hardly something to celebrate," Kenney said in a statement Wednesday. Kenney hopes to lead the struggling provincial Progressive Conservatives to power by uniting right wing factions ahead of the next election in 2019.

  • Robin Drodge, hockey fan who got to meet Sidney Crosby, dies

    Robin Drodge, the man who fulfilled his dream of meeting hockey star Sidney Crosby earlier this month, has died. The 31-year-old from Newfoundland was flown to Halifax to be treated for serious liver and kidney problems. While in Halifax, he and his family got the chance to meet Crosby during a Stanley Cup tour stop in Cole Harbour.

  • No application fee for a limited time!

    No application fee for a limited time!

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  • Hell on Wheels' Anson Mount tips cowboy hat to Calgary cuisine and hospitality

    After five seasons of filming in and around Calgary, the TV show Hell on Wheels has come to an end. "I'm from a small town in Tennessee and I really do appreciate an ease of life and a hospitality that goes with that, and Calgary has that in spades," said Anson Mount. Before officially signing off from Hell on Wheels, Mount wrote a thank you letter to Calgary on his Facebook page.

  • 'Mr. Cool' scams 'Ms. Curl' in ice cream truck deal gone wrong

    It was meant to be a simple transaction: a quick drive from Grande Prairie, Alberta to Surrey, B.C. in a deal that would double the buyer's ice cream truck fleet and launch the business into the Fort McMurray summer season. According to Justice Baker, It all began when Curl saw one of Lepine's 30 ice-cream trucks for sale online. Curl agreed to pay $1,500 up front for a 1991 Chevrolet van with three white freezers, a spare tire, a music box, speaker and stop sign.

  • Public Service Minister Judy Foote offers emergency pay cheques amid Phoenix debacle

    Nearly 500 of the federal government employees who hadn't been paid since the Phoenix payroll system was rolled out earlier this year received a paycheque on Wednesday, and all other public servants can now access emergency paycheques, says Public Services Minister Judy Foote. Fifty additional people have been hired in Miramichi, and the government is also considering setting up some "regional hubs," in addition to the temporary facility already opened in Gatineau, Que., to ease the load and clear the backlog of cases, said Foote. Foote's comments come one day before MPs are scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on the bungled payroll system that has left 80,000 federal public servants across the country with pay problems, or no pay at all. ​Opposition parties demanded the meeting after hearing from thousands of affected constituents.

  • Always be trading with every possible advantage.

    Always be trading with every possible advantage.

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  • 'I thought I was dead': Whitbourne boaters share harrowing tale of colliding with humpback

    A beautiful day on the waters of Trinity Bay turned into a near-death experience for a Whitbourne man after a small boat collided with a humpback whale Monday morning. Tony's son, Roger Morgan, was at the controls, enjoying the first day of his holidays, while son-in-law Terry Rose sat at his side. A whale unexpectedly surfaced in their path, resulting in a violent collision that brought the boat to a crashing halt, sending the 79-year-old Tony Morgan overboard and into the water.

  • Ontario booze-by-mail challenges liquor delivery business

    A Windsor, Ont., man who legally delivers liquor is worried about Canada Post entering the booze business. Ontario launched its e-commerce and Canada Post delivery service on Tuesday, charging customers $12 plus tax to have booze delivered to the door. Ken Macleod has been doing that for 23 years through his company Wheelz Delivery.

  • Cops to protest over Black Lives Matter sign at city hall

    The mayor of a Massachusetts city says he won't remove a Black Lives Matter banner hanging over city hall even as police officers from across the state intend to rally against it. The city police union and other Massachusetts officers plan to rally against the banner Thursday after Curtatone denied an earlier request to replace it with an "All Lives Matter" banner. The Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition says it opposes the "exclusionary message" the current banner sends.

    The Canadian Press
  • When the going gets tough. Why Get a Loan From Us?

    When the going gets tough. Why Get a Loan From Us?

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  • Fire Station 1 Rooftop Plaza green space re-opens

    Calgarians living, working and playing downtown can once again enjoy the green space above Fire Station 1 with the re-opening of the Rooftop Plaza. At 450 1st St. S.E., the plaza is accessible via the Plus-15 bridge from the Telus office building to the Delta Calgary Downtown, through the second floor of the hotel, and from the stairwell next to Baker House.

  • Hackers can record everything you type on certain wireless keyboards

    A computer security research team has identified a weakness in several brands of low-cost wireless keyboards that could allow hackers to view and record every word, number and password typed by a user from up to about 75 metres away. According to Bastille, an Atlanta-based research team, eight wireless keyboards made by companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Radio Shack and Toshiba send keystroke data from the board to the USB dongle that connects to your computer without the encryption needed to mask what someone is typing. Wireless keyboards that connect to your computer with small USB dongles transmit keystrokes over a radio frequency, which Bastille was able to intercept using a radio transponder used for controlling drones that costs about $50 on Amazon, and an antenna that boosts the range to about 75 metres.

  • Wynne's claims contradicted as Ontario GDP lower than some American states

    TORONTO — It turns out Ontario's economic performance isn't as strong compared with some of our American neighbours as Premier Kathleen Wynne claimed.

    The Canadian Press
  • Summer BBQ with gas and charcoal in one grill

    Summer BBQ with gas and charcoal in one grill

    Switch between the convenience of gas and the flavor of charcoal in under 60 seconds.

  • First rabid bat attack in over a decade in Terrace, B.C.

    It was a bizarre sight: a bat, normally a nocturnal animal, dive-bombIng a person in broad daylight near Lakelse Lake in Terrace, B.C. Dr. McLaws says that, in general, people should avoid touching bats — dead or alive. "Bats with rabies are often quite vocal, and they might be more prone to abnormal behaviours such as actively seeking to bite other animals or people," she said.

  • For would-be Reagan assassin, freedom only days away

    For the past decade, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan has quietly spent a growing number of his days living with his 90-year-old mother in a gated community in Williamsburg, Virginia. On Wednesday, a judge finalized John Hinckley Jr.'s transition to freedom, ordering that Hinckley can permanently leave the psychiatric hospital where he was confined after the assassination attempt. The order, which cannot be appealed, has been in the works for years, despite opposition by prosecutors, who sought numerous restrictions on Hinckley's freedom, most of which were agreed to by Judge Paul Friedman.

    The Canadian Press


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