• Alberta justice delivers blistering rebuke of lower court sex-assault decision

    An Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Justice has overturned a teen's acquittal on a sexual assault charge and delivered a blistering rebuke of a lower court judge she said did not understand the law. "It is long beyond debate that in Canada 'no means no,' " Topolniski wrote. In April, provincial court judge Michael Savaryn found a 15-year old boy not guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year old girl.

  • Toddler soccer players kicked out of local parkette due to neighbours' complaints

    Now the toddlers have been kicked out of a parkette near Kingston Road and Victoria Park in the Beach neighbourhood, the city says, due to resident complaints. "How out of control could they be?" asks Greyson's mother, Meagan Ryder.

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    Live Large at Marbury in Chantilly

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  • Immigrant dies in hospital following police arrest in Canada

    A Somali immigrant to Canada died after being hospitalized in critical condition following his arrest by Canadian police, Ontario's police watchdog said on its Twitter account on Monday. Media reports cited witnesses saying the man was beaten by a number of police officers as he tried to run into an apartment building during the incident on Sunday. Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the man in an Ottawa neighborhood.

  • N. Korea warns US of 'terrifying price' over nuke tensions

    North Korea warned the United States on Tuesday that it will pay a "terrifying price" if the Korean Peninsula sinks into deeper tensions, stepping up its rhetoric hours after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry blasted Pyongyang for its nuclear program. Kerry told a regional security conference being hosted by Laos that North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons — when the world is trying to rid itself of them — is "very provocative and deeply concerning." He urged the country to follow the lead of Iran, which hammered out a deal to end its nuclear program in return for the lifting of sanctions.

    The Canadian Press
  • German officials vow more checking of migrants after attacks

    Top security officials in Germany called Tuesday for tougher security screening of asylum-seekers and also announced that more police officers will be hired following four attacks in the country in the span of a week — two of them claimed by the extremist Islamic State group. Thomas Strobl, the interior minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg, where a woman was killed by a Syrian attacker Sunday, also demanded a tougher stance toward asylum-seekers. "Those who abuse the right to hospitality must go back to their home countries — make no mistake about it," Strobl told Funke media group.

    The Canadian Press
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  • Antigonish man who killed 2 teens while driving high granted parole

    A Nova Scotia man serving a six-year prison sentence for killing two teenage boys in Antigonish County while driving impaired has been granted parole. On Nov. 24, 2011, William Lionel Edmund Byron Fogarty was driving a car on Highway 4 in Tracadie, N.S., when it crossed over the centre line and collided with another vehicle. A drug test revealed Fogarty had methadone, several prescription drugs and Valium in his system at the time of the crash.

  • Donald Arseneault slams Mike Murphy in spat over free tuition program

    Post-Secondary Education Minister Donald Arseneault has come out swinging against former attorney general Mike Murphy over the government's controversial program that offers free tuition to low-income students who attend public institutions. "I have better things to do in my day than to pay attention to Mike Murphy. Arseneault was reacting to Murphy's announcement that he and Kelly Lamrock, a former education minister and attorney general in the Graham Liberal government and a defeated NDP candidate, believe the program is unconstitutional and may take the government to court.

  • More groups choose to sit out Vancouver's pride parade

    While the theme of Vancouver's Pride Week this year is "better together," some groups are expressing their frustration by remaining separate. In solidarity with Black Lives Matter Vancouver's protest of the Vancouver pride parade for including a police float, queer Muslim group Salaam and queer South Asian group Trikone are also sitting out this year's pride parade. Cicely-Belle Blain, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Vancouver chapter, said many queer people of colour feel excluded from the mainstream queer community.

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  • 'Big shoes to fill': Mike Ford wins byelection to succeed Rob Ford as councillor

    Four months after the death of former Toronto mayor and longtime Ward 2 councillor Rob Ford, his 22-year-old nephew, Michael Ford, has won the byelection to succeed him with 69.6 per cent of the vote. Asked after the win what advice his late uncle would give him, the younger Ford said he would be "struck down by a lightning bolt" if he didn't return a constituent's phone call. Ford said his top priorities in Ward 2 Etobicoke North will be crime reduction and customer service. "I will be at your door to serve you, just like my Great Uncle Doug has done and my Uncle Rob," Ford said.

  • 24 dogs seized from home in Inuvik, N.W.T.

    Protective Services for the Town of Inuvik seized 21 dogs from the home on July 15, and three more dogs were captured July 18. It is against a bylaw in Inuvik to have more than three dogs living at a residence unless registered as a dog team or kennel. Jim Sawkins, director of Protective Services for the Town of Inuvik, said the dogs were in poor condition and had acted aggressively in the area — injuring at least one dog in the neighbourhood.

  • DNC email hack: A look at the theory Russian operatives led attack to boost Trump's bid

    Days after a massive leak of hacked emails threatened to spoil the Democratic Party's convention kickoff, political operatives and assorted experts continue to debate whether the attack was a Russian plot to boost Donald Trump's presidential bid. Donald Jensen, a resident fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis and expert on Russia, says the potential motive is obvious. "Certainly the Kremlin prefers Trump, there's no question about that at all," he said.

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  • Port of Churchill layoffs 'came out of nowhere,' says town's mayor

    Mayor Mike Spence says about 50 employees at the Port of Churchill were handed layoff notices on Monday afternoon, and another 40 or 50 people expecting calls back are learning that there's no work for them. Spence said he's contacting the provincial and federal governments to see if they can intervene. Workers say OmniTrax, the Denver-based company that runs the port, issued two-week layoff notices around 3:30 p.m. CT to a group of employees in the company's lunchroom.

  • German who killed 2 young boys sentenced to life in prison

    A court near Berlin on Tuesday convicted a 33-year-old German security guard of kidnapping, abusing and murdering two small boys — including a child refugee — and sentenced the man to life in prison. The Potsdam regional court said Silvio S., whose surname wasn't given due to German privacy rules, won't automatically be up for release after 15 years because of the seriousness of his crime. The disappearance of a 6-year-old German child named Elias from near his home in Potsdam last July prompted a massive police search.

    The Canadian Press
  • Parents of Shea Fright, Winnipeg woman killed in Highway 207 crash, speak out

    The parents of Shea Fright, a Winnipeg woman who was killed by an impaired driver on Highway 207 last month, are speaking publicly about the loss of their daughter and urging motorists not to drink and drive. Kelly and Leah Fright fought back tears as they talked on Monday about the day their 29-year-old daughter died. Shea Fright was driving in the early morning hours of June 26 — decompressing after a night working at a Winnipeg bar before going home — when her car was struck by a pickup truck on the highway six kilometres west of Lorette, Man.

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    "Shark Tank" Star's Brilliant Mortgage Payoff Tip

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  • Parents concerned about large propane tanks near school

    Parents of children at a Saint-Laurent school are worried about Two large propane tanks that are stored beside nearby railway tracks. The parents say they recently found out Canadian National Railway has been storing the tanks about 100 meters behind Alex Manoogian School.

  • New risk for Pokemon Go players?

    Mon, Jul 25: Metro Vancouver police are raising alarm bells over a new so-called "gym" for Pokemon Go players. But as Ted Chernecki reports, it may not be easy to have it moved.

    Global News
  • Solar Impulse II Completes First Solar-Powered Circumnavigation Of Earth

    The very first round-the-world trip by a solar-powered aircraft has been completed. Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Abu Dhabi after a journey around planet Earth that begun in March 2015, fuelled entirely by energy from the sun Pilot Bertrand Piccard safely landed the jet for its final touch-down after travelling from Cairo. He has shared the controls with fellow pilot André Borschberg throughout the pioneering and record-breaking circumnavigation.  The final landing brings to an end an epic 17-stage journey, covering 42,000 km and clocking up 558 hours of flight time.  Solar Impulse 2 has the wingspan of a Boeing 747, but weighs little more than the average car.  It has a cockpit the size of a telephone box, and its wings are covered with 17,000 solar cells, allowing it to fly day and night without fuel. The two Swiss pilots hope their milestone achievement will pave the way for the creation of new energy efficient technologies, and inspire new clean-energy innovations. 

    Matilda Long
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  • De Beers unlikely to find buyer for Snap Lake mine, says analyst

    Groundwater problems, weakened diamond prices and a thinning crowd of diamond producers mean De Beers is "very unlikely" to find a buyer for the Snap Lake mine before the company floods it later this year, says one diamond industry analyst. If a junior mining company does agree to purchase Snap Lake, it will likely do so under a "call out option" — acquiring and sitting on a mine for the express purpose of reselling it once prices improve. It's better if the property stays with De Beers, says Ugo Lapointe, the Canada program co-ordinator for Mining Watch.

  • Eskasoni man builds gardens so people can have fresh food

    An Eskasoni First Nation man wants to make gardens so his community can have fresh food. Andre Jr Lejeune Desjardins said he will cultivate land for crops, provide the seeds and plant the food for free. All he needs is the land. Desjardins made a garden for his father-in-law. On Sunday, he worked on his friend Kenneth Francis's lawn.

  • Wish granted: Six-year-old boy will be garbage man for a day

    Ethan Dean will be living his dream on Tuesday. The six-year-old has a garbage truck bedspread and pillow. Now, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he's going to experience what it's like to be a garbage truck driver.

    The Canadian Press
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    Being a Dunkin' Fan has it's Perks

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  • Askîy Project turns Saskatoon brownfield site into garden

    A project in Saskatoon is once again taking gardening above ground. The garden plot sits on an area at Station 20 West and Avenue K that used to be the site of a gas station. "We wouldn't have been able to do anything like planting in the ground," Kristen Severight-Dumais, an urban agriculture intern with CHEP Good Food Inc., explained.

  • Gaspereau River fishermen concerned about tidal turbines

    Some fishermen along the Gaspereau River are concerned how tidal turbines could affect a local fishery. There are 14 active square net licences in the Gaspereau and Melanson area issued by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Those fishermen catch Gaspereau, a species of herring, when they swim up the river from the Bay of Fundy in April and May. On Monday night at the Gaspereau Community Hall, people in the area had their chance to speak to FORCE (Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy), the organization behind the tidal turbine project.

  • 'Non-negotiable' that next federal Tory leader is bilingual, says Jason Kenney

    Former Conservative immigration minister Jason Kenney says he has yet to make up his mind about whom, if anyone, he will support in the federal Tory leadership race, but if he does lend his assistance, the candidate will need to be bilingual. "I think it's non-negotiable that the leader of a national party should be able to communicate in both of our official languages," Kenney said after sitting on the democratic reform committee's summer session. Milton MP Lisa Raitt said she is leaning toward a run, and there are the undeclared possibilities of former Tory defence minister Peter MacKay, former Speaker of the House Andrew Scheer and ex-Dragon's Den star Kevin O'Leary.

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  • 2nd barn fire hits Wellington area

    A barn and workshop has been destroyed by fire in the western P.E.I. community of St. Phillipe. On Saturday Wellington firefighters spent 10 hours knocking back the flames at a barn fire on a farm in Abram-Village.

  • Calgary news, weather and traffic for July 26

    Good morning, Calgary! It's 14 C and partly cloudy in Calgary at 7 a.m. Here's what's happening in your city this morning.



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