• Julie Van Rosendaal makes KFC's leaked fried chicken recipe

    There's been a rumour swirling around the fast-food world that Colonel Sanders' fried chicken recipe has been discovered. A reporter from the Chicago Tribune claims he saw the original, handwritten recipe in a scrapbook at the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum in Kentucky. Then he went ahead and published it. Well, Julie Van Rosendaal made it — and they ate it.

  • Russians fear nuclear explosion after spotting mysterious mushroom cloud

    A massive mushroom cloud looming over a Siberian town left locals fearing a deadly nuclear explosion had occurred.

    The Daily Buzz
  • Man, 26, dead after car driven by mother rear-ends TTC bus in Scarborough

    The driver of a car that rear-ended a Toronto Transit Commission bus killing a 26-year-old man in Scarborough on Tuesday, was the victim's mother, police say. The man was a passenger in the back seat of the red Nissan driven by his 52-year-old mother, according to Toronto Police Traffic Services.

  • Speed a factor in fatal crash in downtown Vancouver

    Police have released more details about a crash yesterday in downtown Vancouver that left two people dead and three others injured. Brian Montague said the 68-year-old male driver and his 70-year-old female passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.

  • Warrant issued for Punnichy, Sask., man following Regina shooting

    Regina police executed a province-wide arrest warrant for a 24-year-old man from the Punnichy, Sask., area wanted for an attempted murder in Regina over the weekend. Adam Taniskishayinew, also known as Adam Pratt, has short black hair, brown eyes, standing about five feet nine inches tall, weighing about 170 pounds.

  • Newcomers assaulted two months after moving to Winnipeg worry about their future

    Shayke's hand was severely cut when he tried to grab his wife's purse back from a thief in front of 259 Portage Avenue. The attack has left the couple, who just moved to Canada from Israel at the beginning of July, unsure of what to do next. "We cannot move on in our lives because of this situation," said Talia.

  • Canada's ad industry cracking down on paid endorsements on social media

    Canada's advertising industry is taking long-overdue steps to curb misleading posts on blogs and social media that double as paid product endorsements in an effort to keep so-called influencers — celebrities and other individuals who have large followings online — honest. Advertising Standards Canada, the ad industry's governing body, is in the process of revising its rules regarding bloggers, celebrities and other social media influencers who mention companies, products or services in their posts in exchange for payment. The new rules, expected to be implemented by early 2017, will require such individuals to disclose whether they've received payment — either in the form of cash, free products or other considerations — in exchange for the mention.

  • Frustration over political correctness growing in Canada: poll

    Canadians are suffering from political correctness fatigue, suggests a new poll. The same aversion to inoffensiveness largely credited with the rise of Donald Trump in the United States is alive and well in Canada, the survey by the Angus Reid Institute found. In fact, Canadians are even more exhausted by the ever-present risk of offending than our southern neighbours, the pollsters found.

    Daily Brew
  • Alberta tourist alarmed by ambulance response time in B.C.

    An Alberta woman is raising alarms about emergency response times in northern British Columbia after her traveling companion suffered a stroke and wasn't able to receive the care she needed for nearly 24 hours. Tammy Kaleta was traveling with her friend, Patricia Capewell, on a "bucket-list" trip along B.C.'s Alaska Highway to Dawson City. On August 21, the pair were stopped for the night at the Double G Service Motel, approximately three hours outside of Fort Nelson.

  • The 10 Most Violent Cities In The World

    The city of Caracas has topped the list of the world’s most violent cities. Based on the number of homicides per 100,000 people the Venezuelan capital fared the worst, with 120 murders, followed by Honduras’ San Pedro Sula, which saw 111 homicides per 100,000 residents. South and Central American cities dominated the list, taking nine out of ten places. The data includes cities with a population of more than 300,000 people and where homicide statistics are made available.

    Matilda Long
  • Transgender and unemployed: Businesses shut doors to trans workers

    Mike Leard was an ad man, a real Don Draper type, loved his drink, loved women and did some stunning advertisements. Leard never had trouble finding work. All that work dried up around the same time Mike Leard transitioned to become Michelle Leard.

  • Abandoned train engine listed on Kijiji for $25,000

    A long dormant yet fully functional train engine can be yours for $25,000, plus the cost of shipping. Chartier has fielded about five "serious" calls in response to the ad, including one from a business owner who wants to use the engine as an advertisement in front of his business. Another caller wants to put the engine to work, Chartier said.

  • Hunters fend off wolves after dog attacked at wilderness camp

    Only a few hours after the group had set up camp for their week-long adventure, they heard noises outside their tent. When Andrew Stanley went outside to see what was happening, he saw two husky-sized wolves attacking his dog, Charlie. One wolf had the dog by the neck, and the other was biting the dog's legs, back, and belly. When Stanley approached with his rifle, the wolves let go of his dog and fled, but not before Stanley was able to shoot one of the wolves dead.

  • Bail granted for 2 charged with street racing causing death

    Two men charged with street racing causing death after an accident on the New Harbour Barrens have been granted bail. ​Brian Robert King, 30, and Steven Ryan Mercer, 29, appeared in provincial court in Harbour Grace Tuesday. Mercer will have to live with his parents.

  • Energy industry on 'cusp of a major transition,' Jim Carr tells Calgary business leaders

    As Canada moves towards a lower-carbon economy, it will be vital to strike a balance between environmental stewardship and making money, the federal natural resources minister told a Calgary business audience. Carr said Canadians understand that the global energy industry is headed for big changes, and he said Alberta is poised to be at the forefront.

  • TD clears cheque, then takes senior's savings

    Tue, Aug 30: A Toronto woman who was victim of a mail fraud scam has lost her savings. Eighty-two-year-old Leslie Milligan deposited a cheque with TD Bank that was then cleared. But as Sean O'Shea reports, the bank later said the cheque was bogus -- and drained her savings.

    Global News
  • Charges laid after violent house party near Okotoks

    Three men have been charged with aggravated assault days after a fight broke out at a rural house party near Okotoks early Sunday morning sending two men to hospital.

  • Sturgill Simpson slams country music industry over Merle Haggard award

    Miranda Lambert on Tuesday night will receive the Merle Haggard Spirit Award at the Academy of Country Music Honors ceremony, but one country singer is having none of it. Sturgill Simpson went on a rant on his Facebook page Monday at what he called the "unjust treatment of a music legend" due to the creation of the new award. Simpson feels the award is exploiting Haggard and is against what the rebellious artist, whose classics included Mama Tried and Sing Me Back Home, stood for.

  • Two private schools won't comply with Alberta LGBTQ policy, says pastor

    A Spruce Grove pastor who oversees two Christian private schools has accused Alberta's education minister of wielding "dictatorial power" on the issue of LGBTQ rights, and says his board has no intention of complying with the government's new policy. "I have a duty as a pastor to protect the flock of God," said pastor Brian Coldwell, chair of the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society, which runs two schools in rural Parkland County with a total of 200 students. Earlier this year, Education Minister David Eggen instructed boards to submit LGBTQ draft policies by the end of March.

  • 'Laughable': Critics slam McDonald's ad for preservative-free McNuggets

    By now you may have caught the new McDonald's TV commercial promoting Chicken McNuggets without artificial preservatives. The ad ends with a father lovingly brushing back his daughter's hair while she dines on preservative-free, processed chicken pieces. Adding that line to a commercial selling McNuggets has some health advocates crying foul.

  • More adventure seekers risking their lives at the Scarborough Bluffs than ever before

    Tue, Aug 30: Toronto Fire has had 13 calls to rescue people from the Scarborough Bluffs so far in 2016. Crowds are growing larger and larger to take pictures for social media. Mark McAllister reports.

    Global News
  • Wolf attack in northern Saskatchewan 3rd in 12 years

    A wolf attack this weekend at Cameco's Cigar Lake mine is once again drawing attention to the dangerous mix of wild animals, people and garbage. On Dec. 31, 2004, Cameco miner Fred Desjarlais was jumped by a wolf outside the Key Lake mine. The two attacks raised the issue of how wild animals and people interact in the north.

  • Vito's waitress retires after 41 years of kindness, comebacks

    A beloved waitress at Vito's restaurant on Rothesay Avenue in Saint John is retiring after 41 years of putting smiles on the faces of customers. Marie Mae McLaughlin started working at Vito's restaurant on Aug. 8, 1975. "She is more than an employee, she is family," said Mike Georgoudis, part-owner of the restaurant.

  • Saskatoon woman pleads guilty to trying to import radioactive polonium-210

    A Saskatoon woman caught trying to import radioactive polonium-210 is not going to jail. The 35-year-old woman pleaded guilty to trying to import polonium-210 in Saskatoon provincial court. It all started last year when police were contacted about a woman trying to buy polonium-210 on the so-called dark net.

  • 'Give them their space' says U.S. sailor who encountered polar bears in Labrador

    Two American couples travelling along the northern Labrador coast in their 13.4-metre sailboat had a terrifying yet unforgettable experience with polar bears recently. Nancy Zydler and her husband often take their boat from Georgia, U.S.A. to colder waters off the Canadian coast, and have seen polar bears before during their five trips to Labrador.



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