The 10 best auto brands for 2024 in Consumer Reports' rankings

Consumer Reports recently released its list of recommended vehicles for 2024, with electrified vehicles taking seven out of the top ten spots. The publication also ranks automotive brands using those scores and several other factors. To be eligible for a ranking, CR has to have tested at least two models from the automaker, with Lucid, Polestar and Ram being left off the scoreboard.

Many brands made significant moves this year, but not all were positive. Tesla dropped a spot, while Cadillac climbed 11 places to 14th, and Ford moved up six positions to 17th.

The ten best brands for 2024:

  1. BMW: 82

  2. Subaru: 80

  3. Porsche: 80

  4. Honda: 78

  5. Lexus: 78

  6. Mini: 78

  7. Kia: 77

  8. Mazda: 77

  9. Toyota: 77

  10. Hyundai: 76

BMW’s top score made it the overall winner for the second year in a row, the first since 2017. Subaru is also a consecutive high performer, making second two years in a row. The publication tested 34 brands for 2024 and noted that it recommended all models from seven automakers: Acura, BMW, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Mini, and Porsche.

At the bottom of the list, Jeep holds the undesirable title of worst brand. Land Rover, Jaguar, GMC, and Rivian round out the worst five. CR’s individual vehicle rankings look interesting this year, with the top ten list is dominated by electrified vehicles, though only one is an EV, with the other six being PHEVs. It expanded its testing criteria for 2024, adjusting scoring for fuel economy and PHEV-specific tech and features.

CR’s top vehicle picks include the Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota Prius and Prius Prime, Subaru Forester, Mazda3, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Maverick and Maverick Hybrid, Tesla Model Y, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, BMW X5 and X5 PHEV, and the Toyota RAV4 Prime. Interestingly, most of that list starts at under $30,000, which, as CR noted, stands in stark contrast to the $48,000 average new transaction price.

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