The 10 Best Motorcycle Movies to Watch After ‘The Bikeriders’

The story of the motorcycle rider is one that has fascinated filmmakers and cinema goers alike for over half a century, most recently in Jeff Nichols’ love letter to the 1960s heyday of biker clubs, “The Bikeriders.” Like the photobook by Danny Lyon that inspired it, the film is a series of snapshots of life as a rider and the violence and destruction that often come as a result of this lifestyle, even if the clubs these riders belong to initially just set out to support each other. 

“The club starts off as a mutual love and admiration for riding,” said “Bikeriders” star Jodie Comer in a recent interview with IndieWire, “but over time becomes dark and criminal and violent.”

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It’s a narrative featured in a lot of films showcasing the world on two wheels, where motorcycle riders are viewed as vandals and terrorists who want nothing more than to upend the traditional way of life. Tied to these films is an examination of masculinity itself and how the threat of someone tougher than you can often breed harsh reactions.

“Because she is on the periphery and she’s a woman, she can see what these men are avoiding and not facing and the danger they’re putting themselves in for the sake of appearing a certain way,” Comer said to IndieWire. 

This feminine perspective on such a rough, manly world sets “The Bikeriders” apart from other biker films, even though it directly draws on classics like “The Wild One” for its narrative engine. In the film, viewing the Marlon Brando vehicle ultimately leads Tom Hardy’s character Johnny to creating his own club, which draws in the loyalty and hostility of Austin Butler’s character, Benny. Comer, Hardy, and Butler evoke an almost “Challengers”-like dynamic throughout the film, with both Comer and Hardy vying for Butler’s soul.

But the bad boy image of the motorcycle rider isn’t the only one committed to the screen. In honor of this weekend’s release of “The Bikeriders,” IndieWire has compiled a list of the best motorcycle movies, some of which revel in rebellion, and others that, instead, dissect that desire. Check out the list below. 

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