A 10-year-old girl who was teased for her size 10.5 feet is now a mini celeb after snagging a kid's world record

A 10-year-old girl who was teased for her size 10.5 feet is now a mini celeb after snagging a kid's world record
  • A fourth-grade girl with large feet combated teasing by winning herself a kid's world record.

  • Ruby Labuschewsky told Insider she jumped for joy when she found out her submission was approved.

  • The 10-year-old has already resubmitted for another record.

Big feet have always run in the Labuschewsky family — but only one member of the prominent-pedaled clan holds a world record for their titanic trotters.

Ruby Labuschewsky, now 10, is the family pride and joy, a newfound recipient of a kids world record for largest feet in her age category. 

"When I found out, I was extremely excited," Ruby, of Jonesville, Michigan, told Insider. "I was jumping up and down going a little bit crazy."

Ruby's then-size 10.5 feet helped her secure the title in the 7 to 9 age category for big kid feet; no other girls her age had submitted their feet for consideration, so Ruby essentially helped set the new record, her mom, Hanna Labuschewsky said.

Children as young as 4 and as old as 16 are able to submit themselves in a variety of categories for titles with Kids World Records, an online organization that encourages kids around the globe to dream big, according to the group's website.

Kids World Records differs from its more famous counterpart, Guinness World Records, in that it's solely focused on awarding juveniles, though there have been several young winners in the big leagues.

Kid's record attempts must be measurable by an adult witness, adequately challenging, and safe, ethical, moral, and legal, the website says. Especially ambitious kids like Ruby can even create their own categories or competitions with the organization.

The application for Ruby's win was intense, according to Hanna, who said the mother-daughter duo had to snap multiple photos of several angles of the young girl's feet next to a tape measure and record the precise measurements as part of the submission process.

Then, they had to wait.

"We probably checked it every day," Hanna said of the online approval portal.

Finally, about four weeks after submitting the record, Ruby received the good news.

"Oh my gosh, Ruby! It was approved!" Hannah remembered saying to her exuberant daughter.

Since the win, Ruby is relishing in her newfound celebrity. It's a welcome result of the record submission. Hanna said she spearheaded the effort, in part, to bolster Ruby's confidence in her unique attributes, which have been the subject of taunts and teasing.

"People are always commenting, 'man, you have such big feet,'" Hanna said of her daughter.

The fourth grader struggles to find kid's shoes that fit her feet, meaning she's often relegated to the women's section while shoe shopping.

"It's hard for her to show her style and her personality when she can't get the shoes that she wants," Hanna told Insider.

But Ruby is resilient, her mom said, and the world record has helped her gain some recognition in the school hallways.

"She's bragged about it quite a bit," Hanna said. "A lot of kids have said 'I've seen you in the news.'"

While some kids might be set with just one world record under their belt, Ruby has bigger dreams. The growing girl with growing feet turned 10 last month, pushing her out of her previous age category. Ruby, however, wasted no time in resubmitting for the next title.

The previous record holder in the 10-year-old category wore a size 10.5; Ruby's feet are now measuring at a size 11.

But Ruby isn't letting the fame go to her head. She said she's grown accustomed to the hoopla and doesn't anticipate being as thrilled if she secures her second title.

"Now I'm a professional," she joked.

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