10-year-old Japanese girl invents bandage that doesn’t get caught during application


Meet Kotone Ugamochi, a 10-year-old Japanese girl who invented an easy-to-apply adhesive bandage that leaves a pain-free experience with its innovative design.

How it started: The idea to create a one-side adhesive bandage came to Ugamochi, a student at Egakawa Elementary School in Yuki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, when she noticed a cut on her finger sometime in 2021, she told the Asahi Shimbun. Her mother tried to help her with an adhesive bandage, but its tape got caught.

As a result, Ugamochi's mother had to cut one end of the bandage. This workaround later led them to experiment by moving the gauze near one end, creating a more convenient bandage.

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Award-winning invention: Ugamochi submitted her invention to the 2022 World Youth Invention Exhibition, where she won a bronze medal. Her feat caught the attention of Matsumoto Kiyoshi, the founder of the Matsumotokiyoshi drug store chain — and its brand Matsukiyo — who later picked up the invention and turned it into the Matsukiyo Easy-Wrap Finger Plaster.

Released last August, the adhesive bandage is reportedly made with urethane non-woven fabric that helps prevent stuffiness and keeps the wound clean. The plaster is also stretchable, making a perfect fit when applied on fingertips and joints.

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Why it matters: While Ugamochi's solution is simple, it solves the common problem of bandages getting caught during application. With it, one only has to apply the pad directly onto the injured area and secure it with the next finger.

“Sometimes the tape is put on the cut and it is very painful and the tapes stick together easily. With this band-aid, it’ll be easier to put on the finger,” Ugamochi said in a video showcasing her invention.

The Matsukiyo Easy-Wrap Finger Plaster is available in a box of 20 for 327 yen ($2).

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