100-pound dog fatally attacks 89-year-old woman in her home, then escapes, cops say

An 89-year-old woman died after she was mauled by her dog, Indiana authorities said.

The woman, identified as Beverly Hayden, was attacked by her 100-pound dog, which investigators described as a pit bull, inside her Cass County home on Dec. 6, according to a news release from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

A family member present at the time was unable to stop the attack, which occurred in the living room, the sheriff’s office said.

First responders arrived at the home around 6 a.m., and Hayden was pronounced dead.

The dog — which escaped the home after the attack — has not been found despite a “large-scale search” aided by a police drone. It is described as having a black coat with a white chest, and it is not wearing a collar.

“This is an on-going investigation and no foul play is suspected,” the sheriff’s office said. “If anyone locates the dog, they are asked to immediately call 911 to report the animal so that animal control can respond to capture the dog.”

Cass County is located about 85 miles north of Indianapolis.

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