12 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Note: The following article contains discussion of rape and sexual misconduct.

In next week's Emmerdale, Chas' loneliness leads her to lean on dangerous gangster Harry.

Meanwhile, Lydia tells Kim she was raped, and Charity and Chloe bond.

Here are the 12 big moments to watch out for.

1. Chas feels alone

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On the anniversary of Grace's death, Chas struggles with her grief and loneliness. As Paddy reflects on the last year and how their family has changed, Chas battles her emotions.

When Paddy meets up with Mandy instead of going for a drink with Chas, she ends up drinking alone, drowning her sorrows.

2. Chas is charmed by Harry

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Chas is charmed by a mysterious stranger at The Hide, who introduces himself as 'Simon' and buys her a drink. They bond quickly and flirt, but little does Chas know, Simon is actually Harry – the gangster Caleb betrayed.

Chas invites Simon back to The Woolpack, but eventually changes her mind and he agrees to sleep on the sofa. While she is upstairs, he searches the backroom and coldly gazes at a photo of her and Caleb.

3. Chas is isolated

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The next morning, Paddy is unimpressed to catch Simon in the backroom. Chas is defiant and won't apologise but this starts tension between them, which upsets Eve.

Later, Chas is completely shocked when Paddy tells her that Eve wants to live with him and Mandy. In an argument, Chas makes things worse with a cruel comment she casually throws at Mandy.

In the upset, Chas leaves her daughter with Paddy and breaks down in tears. Feeling desperate and alone, Chas makes a call to Simon...

4. Craig manipulates Samson

samson dingle, lydia, craigemmerdale

Samson confronts Craig, wanting to know why he can't do work experience anymore. Seeing an opportunity to manipulate the situation, Craig tells his own version of events.

Choosing his words carefully, Craig implies something has happened between him and Lydia. Once he's satisfied Samson has been fooled, he invites him back to carry on his placement.

5. Mandy hunts for the truth

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Eavesdropping on a phone call between Samson and Cathy, Mandy believes Lydia and Craig have been having an affair. After confronting Samson, Mandy is desperate to find out the truth.

The next day, Mandy asks Lydia outright if she's been having an affair with Craig. Lydia is devastated, but she's too upset and angry to explain why she's been acting strangely.

6. Lydia confides in Kim

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Lydia flees Wishing Well cottage in a state, convinced Mandy won't believe her. Kim bumps into Lydia and sees her sobbing.

Reaching breaking point, Lydia finally explains what Craig did to her. After comforting Lydia, Kim tells her she needs to explain to Sam that she was raped.

Now that she has Kim's support, will Lydia be able to tell her family the truth?

7. Charity is jealous

charity dingle, liam, chloe, mack boyd, emmerdale

Hurt to hear Mackenzie's engagement news, Charity demands Liam take her on a date. But when Chloe and Mack arrive and are seated at the next table, Charity's jealousy takes over.

Overwhelmed by the situation, Charity struggles to hide her emotions and takes out her pain on Liam.

8. Chloe rushes Reuben to hospital

charity dingle, chloe , emmerdale

The next day, Charity tries to avoid Chloe. Despite her best efforts, Charity gets stuck talking to Chloe in the playground. But when Reuben cries, Chloe begins worrying about her son.

With Reuben's hot temperature, and no-one else to turn to, Chloe begs Charity to take her and the baby to hospital in case his meningitis has returned.

9. Charity and Chloe clear the air

chloe, charity, emmerdale

When they get to the hospital, Charity does her best to comfort distraught Chloe. After Reuben is given the all-clear, Chloe is grateful to Charity for being there and giving her a lift.

With emotions running high, Chloe is eager to clear the air with her love rival, unaware Charity has slept with Mackenzie. Will Charity's guilt get the better of her and force her to confess?

10. Charles delivers Victor's funeral

charles anderson, emmerdale

At Victor's funeral, Charles manages to put his guilt aside and deliver an honest and emotional ceremony to say goodbye to his father.

As grieving Claudette watches on, she struggles to forgive her son. Will the sad day bring them closer together?

11. Belle and Tom move into together

belle dingle, tom king, emmerdale

Things get better for Tom, when Charles apologises for his horrible behaviour the previous week.

A brand new chapter begins for the young vet and Belle when they move into their new place and celebrate the good times ahead.

12. Cain and Caleb behave mysteriously

cain dingle, caleb, emmerdale

Back from their secret trip, Cain and Caleb are still acting strangely. With some of their private plan completed, they remain uneasy.

Heading into the desolate barn at Wylie's Farm, the brothers continue to act mysteriously. Will Moira discover what's going on?

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