"You Will Never Tell Me To F--K Off Again": 15 Times People Quit Over Text That Were So Satisfying

For a lot of people, work is no fun at all, just something to slog through at companies that don't care or appreciate them run by bosses who are real assholes.

Two people in separate scenes: The top has a woman with curly hair saying, "Your boss is an asshole." The bottom has a man with dreadlocks responding, "Yeah."

Most of those people would LOVE to quit, but they aren't in a position to do so with the economy being what it is. That's why it's so satisfying when someone says to hell with it and quits while giving their boss a piece of their mind.

Seth Meyers is sitting at a desk on a late-night show set with hands raised, accompanied by a caption, "I QUIT!"

Want some examples? Check out these 15 people who epically quit via email, text, or letter:

1.First, let's give it up for this guy who told his boss what he will NEVER do ever again:

Email from "John and Mari" to all: "Effective immediately, I quit. And Anthony, you will never tell me to fuck off again. Thank you for your time."
u/CrazieIrish / Via reddit.com

2.And this employee who told the entire company what's up while remaining perfectly polite:

An email screenshot stating the sender is quitting their job effective May 3rd due to finding a better opportunity. They express gratitude and farewell
u/faded-than-a-hoe / Via reddit.com

3.Then there's this employee whose boss was unreasonable about taking time off...

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/RandomEncounter72 / Via reddit.com

...so they were like "BYEEEEEEEEEE!":

A text conversation where one person explains they are switching shifts because of a new job and the other person, presumably a supervisor, responds they are not approving the shift change
u/RandomEncounter72 / Via reddit.com

4.This high-performing employee who got a bullshit text from her boss, so they quit on the spot (and left their boss sputtering, "Now hold on..."):

A text conversation where Boss reprimands an employee for wearing unsafe footwear. The employee explains medical reasons and describes feeling unsupported. Boss suggests resignation
u/hestolemysmile / Via reddit.com

5.This employee who — when their boss tried to talk tough — also wasn't having it:

Text message conversation where an employer asks an employee to work on Sunday. The employee declines, citing family time, and quits after the employer insists
u/1in7billion_ / Via reddit.com

6.And this employee who, too, called their unreasonable boss's bluff, and you love to see it:

Text conversation showing an employee refusing a shift. Store manager tries pressuring with health insurance threat, employee stands firm on not working
u/bluepiehax / Via reddit.com

7.This employee who took a moment to reflect on their boss's behavior, then sent this measured response that landed like a bull's eye:

Text message screenshot where an employee informs their boss about quitting due to mistreatment and feeling unprofessionalism after prioritizing family emergencies
u/Bizarre-Lazar / Via reddit.com

8.This employee who quit and made their general manager show their ass:

A text message conversation ending with threats. Profanity is used. Mentions moving out, probation, and theft. No names are visible
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

9.And this employee who had a card up their sleeve and played it in devastating fashion:

A screenshot of a heated text exchange between a boss and an employee, discussing the employee's work attendance and responsibilities
u/OnlyFansMod / Via reddit.com

10.This employee who quit...but not before getting into the group text and informing their fellow employees that the company was BREAKING THE LAW:

Text message screenshot: An employee expresses concerns about an illegal policy deducting wages for mistakes. They share personal experiences and highlight legal issues
u/brxdge2nowhere / Via reddit.com

(Dropping those receipts, LOL):

Text message conversation screenshot contains a link that reads: "I understand margins are tight, but punishing your employees is not the correct solution," followed by four URLs
u/brxdge2nowhere / Via reddit.com

Gotta love the other employees' GIFs!

A text conversation among friends. One message with a photo of a woman on a couch giving a thumbs up and another message with a photo of a cat peeking out from behind a door
u/brxdge2nowhere / Via reddit.com


Group text message discussing labor laws, job pressure, and issues with paying for medical bills due to workplace errors. The text sender is expressing frustration
u/brxdge2nowhere / Via reddit.com

✌️ ✌️ ✌️

A text message from an employee group chat discussing restaurant management's handling of mistakes, expressing frustration over paying for errors and calling for awareness of personal rights
u/brxdge2nowhere / Via reddit.com

11.And this employee who got their boss to put in writing how they're breaking the law:

Text exchange about payment for damages between unnamed individuals. The conversation includes discussions of legal responsibilities and charges
u/kissmaryjane / Via reddit.com

12.This employee who, in the most professional way possible, called out just how unprofessional their workplace was:

A resignation email stating uncomfortable and unsafe working conditions, unprofessional behavior, bullying, and harassment, leading to the employee's formal resignation
u/arcadesugar / Via reddit.com

13.And this employee (who had already given their notice) who was seconds away from totally peacing out:

A person holds a phone displaying a text conversation where "Ken (boss)" messages they lack mental capacity to work. The reply states it's the person's last day
u/scottyb83 / Via reddit.com

14.Then there's this employee who quit by grading a snotty note from their boss, LOL:

Typed note with criticisms written on it, including "8/10 More effort" and multiple grammar corrections. Comment at the bottom: "PS- you'll never pass third grade."
u/GlitteringSpell5885 / Via reddit.com

15.And this employee who quit by letting all of their customers know what EXACTLY was going on behind the scenes:

Store hours are currently irregular due to Dollar Tree's management and employee issues. The ex-manager apologizes for the inconvenience and expresses frustration
u/PackObjective3254 / Via reddit.com

Basically, these people were like:

A woman adjusts her sunglasses while text over the image reads, "Hey, guess what? I quit." The image conveys a light-hearted resignation

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