16 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Note: This article discusses topics including suicidal ideation/thoughts and bullying.

Next week on Coronation Street, Maria is devastated as she discovers the full extent of Liam's bullying ordeal.

Elsewhere, Simon's bad behaviour threatens to tear Nick and Leanne apart, while Billy loses his temper on Valentine's Day.

Here's a full collection of 16 big moments coming up.

1. Liam's ordeal continues as he returns to school

liam connor, mason radcliffe, coronation street

Liam returns to school following his suspension and faces further bullying from Mason. He tries to keep to himself by working on his marionette during a break from lessons, but Mason smashes it to smithereens while Dylan films his former friend's tears.

Meanwhile, Gary confides in George about recent events. George is upset to realise that his suspicion was right about Liam being the victim of bullying, not Dylan.

2. Maria discovers the full truth

gary windass and maria connor, coronation street

Liam tells Maria that he's not going to school anymore as the bullying hasn't stopped. Maria urges deputy head Mrs Crawshaw to take action, but she insists that she can't without solid proof.

Maria creates a fake social media account to follow Liam's page. She's distressed to see the dozens of bullying comments that have been left for her son.

Gary and Maria decide that Liam will have to change schools. However, Liam has tragically lost hope for his future and he searches online for ways to end his own life.

3. A disturbing discovery is made on Liam's laptop

maria connor, gary windass, coronation street

Liam says a veiled goodbye to Maria, as he visits the salon and tells her how much he loves her. Maria confronts Mason and Dylan about their vile bullying and while Mason is not remorseful, Dylan feels guilty.

Liam has returned his laptop to Weatherfield High ahead of changing schools and one of the teachers notices his concerning search history.

When the school raises the alarm over Liam's suicidal thoughts, Maria rushes back to the flat to find Liam. She's relieved to find that Liam has decided not to end his own life, but it's clear that there's still a long journey ahead for the vulnerable teenager.

4. Sam collapses at school

sam blakeman, simon barlow, coronation street

Sam attends school as normal following his involvement in the car crash with Simon. However, he clearly isn't his usual self and disaster strikes when he collapses.

Sam is admitted to hospital, where Leanne is forced to tell Nick the full story about the crash. Leanne had told Nick that faulty brakes were to blame, but she finally confesses that she covered for Simon because he'd been drink-driving.

5. Simon is kicked out

simon barlow, coronation street

Simon is determined to take responsibility for his actions. This isn't enough for Nick, who kicks him out of the flat.

Leanne bitterly accuses Nick of always putting his own son first. She's worried when she finds Simon huddled on a bench at Victoria Garden, having clearly slept there overnight.

A remorseful Simon tells Leanne that Nick is right about him drinking too much and turning into his dad Peter.

6. Leanne proposes to Nick

coronation street

Leanne is proud of Simon as he vows to make a positive change following his recent drinking. Nick is not convinced, which risks causing further tension between the couple.

Toyah tells Leanne that Nick was planning to propose to her before the drama kicked off with Simon. Leanne is inspired to get things back on track, so she pops the question to Nick at the Bistro. Will he accept after their recent tensions over Simon?

Whatever the outcome, David soon senses that Nick has reservations over his relationship and encourages him to be more honest with Leanne.

7. Bethany tries to make amends

bethany platt, daniel osbourne, coronation street

Bethany is in Daniel's bad books for selling a story to Chit Chat magazine about his turbulent history with Daisy and Ryan. She promises not to do anything to hurt him again, and also offers to speak to Daisy about the article.

Bethany arranges a meeting with Daisy at the café to make amends, but their conversation quickly descends into an argument.

8. Bethany suffers another setback

daisy midgeley, bethany platt, coronation street

Despite her efforts to resolve the situation, Bethany is forced to admit to Daniel that Chit Chat magazine is refusing to pull the article she'd written.

Daniel reacts badly, but Bethany suggests they can merely keep quiet about the article and hope that nobody they know reads it.

9. Bobby seeks answers over Tina McIntyre

bobby, coronation street

Bobby notices some resentment towards him when Rita and Mary realise that he's the son of killer Rob Donovan.

He suggests to Carla that it's time for him to hear the truth about Tina, the girl that his dad killed. Carla explains all, leaving Bobby shocked to realise that Rob didn't kill Tina in self-defence like he'd been led to believe.

10. Summer considers her future

summer spellman billy mayhew,  coronation street

Summer tells Billy that she has been offered an opportunity to study in the US. She promises to turn down the move, as she doesn't want to be away from Paul in his final months.

When Paul finds out about these conversations, he encourages Summer to accept the offer as he doesn't want to hold her back.

11. Billy turns violent at the Bistro

benno, paul foreman, billy mayhew, coronation street

Billy goes all-out for Paul on Valentine's Day. He treats Paul to a motorbike and sidecar ride and surprises him with a Barbershop Quartet at the Bistro.

The atmosphere turns sour when Paul recognises one of his schoolmates, Benno, behaving rowdily as part of a stag party celebrating nearby. Benno heads over and insensitively forces Paul to dance, which prompts Billy to react angrily and punch Benno.

12. Bobby tries to get closer to Lauren

bobby, lauren, coronation street

Lauren shares her concerns with Bobby, as she worries that she won't be able to pass her exam because the books she needs are already on loan from the library. Bobby kindly gives the list of books to Evelyn, hoping she can track them down at the charity shop instead.

Bobby later presents Lauren with a small bunch of flowers at the café, but he realises that he has competition when a delivery man arrives with a much larger bouquet that someone has sent to her.

13. Lauren's secrecy continues

bobby, lauren bolton, coronation street

Lauren's phone rings and she seems rattled as she tells the mystery caller to leave her alone. It's clear that Lauren is struggling as she secretly reads a final demand from her energy company over an unpaid bill.

Lauren finally accepts Bobby's offer of a date. Max and Sabrina later pay Lauren a visit at her flat and find her scantily dressed. She tells them that she has been recording videos for the O-Vidz website.

14. Amy demands answers

tracy mcdonald, tommy orpington, coronation street

Amy takes a look at the romantic Valentine's card that Steve gave to Tracy, but she's surprised to learn that Tracy didn't bother to buy him one.

At the flower shop, Tracy's affair turns sour as Tommy tells her that they're finished. The tense conversation is interrupted by Amy, who demands to know what's going on.

Later in the week, Tracy tries to get things back on track as she encourages Tommy to join her in the back of the shop – but will he be tempted?

15. Joel tries to make amends

dee dee bailey joel deering, coronation street

Dee-Dee tells Alya that Joel has stopped all contact with her since they declared their love for each other. She's unaware that Joel has become distracted after being confronted by a mystery woman at the Bistro.

When Joel finally resurfaces, he claims that he has been busy at work and offers to cook Dee-Dee a romantic dinner to make amends.

16. Gav drums up new business

gav adetiba, coronation street

Gav promotes his window cleaning business by handing out new flyers.

Steve and Tim are impressed and decide to give him a try.

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Coronation Street has been working on Liam's storyline with support from the National Bullying Helpline (0300 323 0169 between 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 10am-12 midday on Saturdays, or email

Further organisations which can offer help include Samaritans on 116 123 or Mind on 0300 123 3393. Readers in the US are encouraged to visit or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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