18 details you may have missed on season one of 'Breaking Bad'

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Walter White quickly turned his life around after discovering he has inoperable lung cancer.AMC

The address Walter mentions in his goodbye message is not where the actual White family home is located.

Walter White on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Walter's address doesn't add up.Netflix

When Walter (Bryan Cranston) thinks he'll be caught for the murder he commits on the pilot episode, he records a goodbye message for his family on Jesse's (Aaron Paul) camcorder.

He says that his address is 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87014.

Although this is consistent with Walter's address on the show, as can be seen from the address on his house, this isn't t the location of the house used for filming.

Despite changing the actual address to maintain the privacy of the home's real residents, fans have unfortunately still found and trespassed on the property.

Walter's 50th birthday breakfast is referenced two years later.

Bacon breakfast platters on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
The first platter is made with vegetable-based bacon.Netflix

Skyler (Anna Gunn) makes Walter breakfast on his 50th birthday and shapes the bacon on his plate on the first episode.

Years later, during the first episode of the fifth season, Walter eats breakfast on his birthday in a diner and shapes the bacon on his plate into a 52.

On his 52nd birthday, Walter is eating real bacon in a diner on the run from the law. This is a huge difference compared to his 50th birthday eating vegetable-based bacon made by his wife in his home.

The room that becomes Holly's nursery isn't ready or painted yet during the pilot.

Skyler White on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Skyler White eventually paints the room pink and green.Netflix

Before his birthday breakfast on the first episode, Walter exercises in the room that becomes the baby's nursery.

There are paint swatches and magazine pages on the wall showing what the room will eventually look like, but as Skyler mentions, Walter hasn't made time to work on it yet.

The swatches indicate that they're thinking of painting the room green or blue, but after they find out that they're having a girl, they land on pink and green.

The first time Walter holds a gun foreshadows the first time he'll shoot one.

Walter White holding a gun on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
The gun foreshadows Walter's suicide attempt.Netflix

During Walter's birthday party on the first episode, Hank (Dean Norris) takes Walter's drink out of his hand when toasting him.

This leaves Walter, who was handed Hank's gun a moment earlier, unable to raise anything during the toast except for the firearm.

The image of Walter raising a gun toward himself comes back by the end of the first episode when he tries to die by suicide.

The gas Walter makes to kill Emilio at the end of the episode is actually mentioned earlier on.

Walter White on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Walter's chemistry expertise comes in handy.Netflix

During the pilot episode, Walter goes on a ride-along with Hank and Steve (Steven Michael Quezada) to watch the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) bust a crystal-meth cook.

As the DEA agents prepare to go into the house, Hank explains to Walter that the agents are wearing gas masks to prevent the possibility of inhaling the wrong chemicals to create crystal meth, which could make mustard gas.

Walter corrects him and says that it's called phosphine gas.

Walter's chemistry knowledge ends up paying off by the end of the episode. He makes phosphine gas to try to kill Emilio (John Koyama) and Krazy-8 (Maximino Arciniega).

The bullet holes in the RV door are consistently shown after the door is shot at on the pilot episode.

Walter White outside of his RV on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
The bullet holes are shown throughout the show.Netflix

When Walter traps Krazy-8 and Emilio in the RV to suffocate them with phosphine gas, they shoot the door as they attempt to escape.

When Badger (Matt Jones) cooks in the RV, he asks Jesse about the bullet holes. Jesse lies and says they're for ventilation.

The bullet holes are consistently shown on the doors of the RV and are mentioned again on a later season when Hank tries to find just cause to search the vehicle.

Jesse uses his aunt's makeup to cover his black eye.

Jesse applying make-up on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Jesse uses his aunt's foundation to cover up his eye.Netflix

On the very first episode, Walter talks to Jesse at his aunt's house. Jesse corrects him, saying it's his house now.

After Jesse realizes Walter has cancer, it's revealed that Jesse's aunt died of cancer.

This explains why the house has decorations that don't seem to match Jesse's style, such as the floral curtains in the living room.

During the second episode, Jesse puts makeup on to cover his black eye. He doesn't seem to wear foundation during the rest of the series, so it's likely the makeup isn't his.

The makeup he uses has older packaging and presumably belonged to his aunt before she died.

Jesse's MyShout page has a ton of information.

Skyler tracks down's Jesse's information on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Skyler tracks down's Jesse's information.Netflix

Skyler looks up the phone number that Walter took a call from, which helps her find Jesse's name, address, and MyShout page.

His page URL has "cpn_cook" in it, referencing his meth-cooking nickname at the start of the show, Captain Cook, along with the mention of a "Krystal Ship."

Jesse's shameless posts about using and making meth online explain why he brought a camcorder to the RV when cooking with Walt.

The MyShout page also says Jesse is part of a band and has attended university. He does have a drum set at his house, which means he could have musical ability.

In a conversation with his father, Jesse mentions looking for a data-entry job — which is apparently what he studied in university.

There's a possible continuity error when Walter is smoking.

Walter smoking on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Walter used the fire from Jesse's stove, then a lighter to light his joint.Netflix

During the second episode, Walter smokes weed at Jesse's house as he contemplates what to do about Krazy-8.

After struggling to roll a joint, Walter is eventually able to make one and light it off the stove burner.

But when Jesse arrives home, Walter is holding a lighter.

Since he didn't use a lighter for the first joint, this could mean that he found a lighter before smoking a second joint, or it could just be a continuity error.

Krazy-8 taking the crusts off his sandwich has an interesting parallel a few seasons later.

Krazy-8 seating a sandwich on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Walter picks up this habit.Netflix

Walter notices Krazy-8 pulls the crusts off his sandwich during the second episode.

In fact, Walter cuts the crusts off for Krazy-8 himself when he makes him a sandwich again later on.

Fans have also noticed that Walter, who previously ate sandwiches with the crusts on, begins eating sandwiches with the crusts off after killing Krazy-8.

This is just one trait that Walter has picked up from the people he has killed. He also takes mannerisms from victims on later seasons.

The plate shard Krazy-8 attacks Walter with isn't visible when the plate shatters.

A broken plate on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
The broken plate doesn't make sense.Netflix

On the third episode, Krazy-8 tries to attack Walter with a shard from the plate that Walter drops.

Walter originally collapses when holding the plate and it shatters in front of him.

When he wakes up afterward, there seems to be the same amount of plate pieces in front of him.

But Krazy-8 has taken part of the plate, and the shard he grabbed may have actually fallen closer to him and been out of frame when the other pieces were shown.

Walter wears two different green aprons for two very contrasting reasons.

Walter White on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Walter uses different aprons for different situations.Netflix

Walter wears a green apron when cooking meth with Jesse, and again when cleaning up Emilio's remains.

Walter wears another green apron when cooking food with his family, which displays the different personas he puts on for his criminal endeavors and home life.

The photos of young Jesse are actually Paul's childhood photos.

A photo of young Jesse on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
This is a real photo of Aaron Paul.Netflix

When Jesse visits his parent's house, he stays in his old bedroom.

There are photos of a younger Jesse on the walls along with drawings he made.

The pictures of young Jesse are actual childhood photos of Aaron Paul, and the drawings show his artistic side, which becomes an important theme when he meets Jane (Krysten Ritter).

The brand name on Holly's crib confirms that it's from Krazy-8's father's store.

Walter's crib on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
If you take a closer look, you can read the name of the crib company.Netflix

Walter and Krazy-8 realize that the former chemistry teacher bought his son's crib from Krazy-8's father's furniture store, Tampico Furniture.

This is the same crib that Walter is planning on reusing for his daughter, as can be seen later on when Walter is standing in Holly's nursery and the Tampico logo is visible on the crib.

Jesse's old chemistry test actually does show wrong answers.

Jesse's exam on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Jesse wrote "Why do I need to know this?" on his old chemistry exam.Netflix

Jesse finds a chemistry test from Mr. White's class in his old room.

The exam does show wrong answers, rightfully earning him a failing grade.

Though his handwriting is a bit difficult to read for the short-answer section, viewers can spot the incorrect answers to compound questions for number 12.

Rather than actually identify each compound (ex: potassium bromide), Jesse just rewrote the formulas that were already there (KBr).

The articles at the Schwartz's house refer to an actual scientific discovery.

Two articles hanging up on a wall on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
The achievement is actually real.Netflix

When Walter is in Elliott's (Adam Godley) house, he wanders into their library and looks at articles they've hung on the wall.

Two of the articles are about Elliott's success "flipping the molecular switch."

This is an actual scientific advancement published in November 2005, before the first season of "Breaking Bad" was released.

Though Walt, Elliot, and Jesse have very different lifestyles, they all have one similar kitchen decoration.

Two rooster decorations on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
There's a clear difference between the roosters.Netflix

Walter's former business partners have gone on to lead incredibly successful lives.

The huge house they live in is quite different from Walter's humble home, but on the same episode, there are rooster figurines visible in both families' kitchens.

During the last episode of the season, there's a small rooster statue visible in Jesse's kitchen as well.

Every member of Walter's family breaks the law on the first season without facing charges.

Walter smoking illegal cigars on AMC's "Breaking Bad."
Walter isn't the only criminal in his family.Netflix

Though season one focuses on Walter's transformation from a law-abiding teacher to a murderous criminal, he's not the only one in his family breaking the law.

In fact, every single member of Walter's family does something illegal on season one.

Hank smokes illegal cigars, Marie (Betsy Ann Brandt) steals shoes and a tiara, Marie (Betsy Ann Brandt) tries to get someone to buy him beer when he's underage, and Skyler has sex with Walter in a public place.

Everyone in the White family also avoids getting charged.

This is an interesting detail that ties in well with the conversation that Walter and Hank have about legality.

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