Happy Pets Pet Park feature brings live chat and real time showboating

Happy Pets Pet Park
Happy Pets Pet Park

CrowdStar introduced a new feature to Happy Pets that will make the social element of its game that much more prominent in the Pet Park. This feature allows players to take their pets from their home into one of four park areas that feature live chat with other Happy Pets players.

Everyone's pet is displayed in real time and will automatically make buddy-buddy with other players' pets in Central Park, the first available live park. There are several chat rooms within each park that you can enter, with each room holding about 10 players. Players can join existing rooms or make their own, which is a bit scary as its only a matter of time before some of the more sketchy online game chat rooms are created. Hopefully in the future some privacy or protection measures are introduced in this feature as live chat can easily get dangerous for the little ones.

You also have the option to dig with your pet and others for buried treasure, which will lead to unlocked trophies and other goodies. Unfortunately, the Pet Park is still a bit buggy as it was just added over the weekend, so try to bear with the crashes as things smooth out. Until then, enjoy making friends in real time and finding some new doodads for your place.

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