Year in Review 2022: Donald Trump is No. 1 search on Yahoo Canada, dethroning Queen Elizabeth II's death

The top 10 searches on Yahoo Canada were dominated by royals, but the Queen didn't top the list

Queen Elizabeth II, Trucker Convoy in Ottawa holds freedom flag, Donald Trump

The year of 2022 took us through many memorable, historic moments that sparked the curiosity of Yahoo Canada users. Based on the top Yahoo search results, our audience wanted to know everything they could about a range of timely topics, from the controversial trials of two sparring Hollywood heavyweights to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Queen Elizabeth II, Hurricane Ian, Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, COVID-19 swab, Ukraine President Zelensky (Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth II, Hurricane Ian, Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, COVID-19 swab, Ukraine President Zelensky (Getty Images)

Here is a breakdown of the Top 10 Yahoo Canada searches in 2022:

1. Donald Trump

The 45th President of the United States managed to dominate headlines and search terms for another year, despite his apparent loss of influence and power. Still, people’s curiosity for Trump didn’t waiver, thanks in part to his continued presence in the news. Trump was the primary one to blame for squashing the GOP’s chances of retaking the senate after he endorsed many candidates who ultimately lost. On top of that, his on-going legal troubles kept him in the headlines, along with his bid for the 2024 election. Despite his controversial presence, Trump knows how to stay relevant. (The same apparently can’t be said for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who didn’t crack the top 10 search terms.)

2. Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex kept relevant this year by dominating the culture with a steady stream of content. Markle launched her long-awaited podcast, Archetypes, along with an anticipated Netflix docuseries, Meghan and Harry, that shared the story of her and her husband’s history, as well as the challenges they faced leaving the monarchy. Despite attempting to keep a low profile, Markle remained a tabloid favourite in the UK, and beyond.

3. Prince Harry

Prince Harry also remains as pertinent as ever, thanks in part to being the other half of an iconic duo with his wife Meghan. Their Netflix special, along with his upcoming book, Spare, has continued to peak people’s interest. But the on-going turmoil between him and the royal family certainly kept him in the headlines, particularly after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who took the #9 spot on this list. As he continues to forge forward without his royal association, it’s no doubt Harry will continue to spark curiosity about what's next for him in the coming months and years.

4. Johnny Depp & 8. Amber Heard

Many were fixated on the televised defamation trial and counter lawsuit between former spouses and Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which stirred more drama than any soap opera could. The disturbing court case, which centred around defamation, brought to light allegations of abuse on both sides and lasted six weeks. In the end, a jury eventually found Heard responsible for three counts of defamation and ordered more than $10 million in damages to Depp. Heard has since filed a brief to appeal the verdict, which could mean they might again be dominating our consciousness - and search engines - for years to come.

5. COVID-19

The pandemic is not officially over, and neither is our interest in COVID-19. The coronavirus continued to dominate our curiosity this year, nearly three years after the once-mysterious virus began to spread globally. Masking mandates were a hot topic, along with wastewater testing and the bivariate vaccination boosters, securing the COVID-19 virus as a hot button issue.

6. Kate Middleton

CHELSEA, MA - DECEMBER 1: Prince William and Princess Kate visit Roca during their visit to Boston in Chelsea, Massachusetts on December 1, 2022. Credit: Katy Rogers/MediaPunch /IPX
CHELSEA, MA - DECEMBER 1: Prince William and Princess Kate visit Roca during their visit to Boston in Chelsea, Massachusetts on December 1, 2022. Credit: Katy Rogers/MediaPunch /IPX

This British royal dominated search engines, thanks in part to her continued commitment to The Firm and the duties that come with her title. Prince William’s wife is a constant source of curiosity, from the meanings behind her chic outfit choices to whisperings of bad blood between her and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle.

7. Russian invasion of Ukraine

This year saw the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which continues today. Ukraine, which isn’t part of NATO, has continued to appeal to international communities for aid in an effort to help defend the country, though millions have since fled to escape the uncertainty and turmoil. The invasion has led to many global repercussions, including severe spikes in gas prices.

9. Queen Elizabeth II

The British royals’ longest serving monarch passed away this year, at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth committed to her royal duties for 70 years and in turn represented a lot of things to a lot of people. Hundreds of thousands of people waited in line for long hours, just to pay their respect. The future of monarchy will undoubtedly have a different feel, with her son King Charles at the helm.

10. Anne Heche

The tragic and shocking death of Anne Heche captured the interest of many people. Heche had a thriving career as an actor in the mid-90s and early 2000s, and became tabloid fodder when she came out as Ellen DeGeneres’ girlfriend. She died after being in a coma this year, as a result of crashing her car into a house in Mar Vista, California.

11. Convoy protests

Hundreds of trucks and other vehicles descended on Ottawa - and several other major cities - at the start of the year, in an effort to protest vaccine mandates. The convoy wreaked havoc on Canada’s capital, with many refusing to leave until all mandates and restrictions were repealed. After a few weeks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, which gave police sweeping powers to dismantle the convoy.