2023 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup appears on Cars & Bids

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Look at what we have here, freshly listed on Cars & Bids: A 2023 Lordstown Endurance battery-electric pickup at no reserve. Autoblog got a very small bit of seat time in the Endurance last summer, just as the company declared bankruptcy. We weren't sure there were enough in circulation to reach public auction, and come to think of it, we would have been even less certain anyone would try. This one's in Damascus, Maryland, about 34 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., with 200 miles on the odometer and a clean CarFax, in what looks like mint condition. The poster appears to have purchased this from a government fleet in Washington, D.C., hence the three-star stickers all over and the "How Am I Driving?" sticker on the tailgate. The dealer writes in a comment, "They [the fleet] retired all of them and sold at auction. $70k acquisition each. This was the lowest miles of the batch." That's the good bit. The bad bit is that it will be sold with a bill of sale, not a title. Interested bidders should check with their local DMV about getting this one squared away for road use.

We don't know how a private owner would keep the Endurance running, due to the company being out of business. A better option might be for a museum like the Petersen to pick this up for a gallery of EV startups that didn't make it far beyond the starting line. Just among the efforts that tried to survive the U.S. market, we can count Bright, Coda, Detroit Electric, Electric Last Mile, the old Fisker Automotive, and Faraday Future, while we keep eyes peeled on Aptera, Canoo, Faraday Future, the new Fisker, and Karma (resurrected from the old Fisker).

Cars & Bids impresario Doug DeMuro wrote about this lot, "Now this is quirky! Lordstown Motors Corporation was an upstart EV manufacturer, and the Endurance pickup was the only Lordstown vehicle to make it to production. There's more to like about the Endurance than just the rarity factor, too – it's a quad-motor EV pickup with an EPA-rated range of 174 miles, unique styling, and a back-to-basics sense of utility. This example is practically new, with under 200 miles on the odometer, no major modifications, and a clean, accident-free Carfax report – and it's offered with the thrill of No Reserve." Anyone's familiar with DeMuro's work in the last decade will realize that is quite the pitch.

Bidding is up to $10,600 at the time of writing, the auction ends May 24. Could be a deal for any buyer who knows how to keep the Endurance running.

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