2024 Ford Mustang GT and Dark Horse get gas guzzler and demand taxes

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Ford released pricing for the 2024 Mustang in February. Ford has re-released pricing for certain trims of the 2024 Mustang because the pony car is more expensive thanks to a gas guzzler tax. Threads in the Mustang 7G forum began talking about a gas guzzler tax (GGT) on the coming S650 Mustang after seeing order guides at the end of March. At the time, one poster wrote, "Order guide lists this tax for the manual trans at $1,000 and for the auto at $1,300?" It wasn't until this month that Ford updated pricing on the configurator to reflect the actual changes. The same forum caught the changes, the automaker then confirming to various outlets that the Mustang GT with the six-speed manual has been levied with a $1,000 GGT. The Mustang Dark Horse with the six-speed manual and the ten-speed auto are up by $1,300. The Dark Horse Premium goes up by $2,800, which is the $1,300 GGT plus another $1,500. Ford reps said the larger increase for the Dark Horse Premium is "due to strong demand," on top of the gas guzzler tax.

MSRPs for Mustangs with the EcoBoost four-cylinder don't change, but we're including those prices in the list below. The new sums after the $1,595 destination and their differences from initial pricing are:

  • EcoBoost base: $32,515

  • EcoBoost Premium: $38,040

  • EcoBoost Premium Convertible: $43,540

  • GT: $44,090 ($1,000)

  • GT Premium: $48,610 ($1,000)

  • GT Premium Convertible: $54,110 ($1,000)

  • Dark Horse: $60,865 ($1,300)

  • Dark Horse Premium: $64,860 ($2,800)

Ford's retail configurator doesn't mention the GGT, instead folding that amount into the listed base price. For the Mustang GT, when a shopper chooses the ten-speed automatic transmission option that appears to add $595 to the price, the MSRP in the Summary box decreases, making the total amount just $595 more than the six-speed Mustang GT cost. We're still waiting on EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2024 Mustang, agency documents showing that the $1,000 GGT applies to vehicles with an unadjusted combined rating of between 21.5 mpg and 22.5 mpg. Vehicles with an unadjusted combined rating of between 20.5 mpg and 21.5 mpg are taxed an extra $1,300.

Based on estimated fuel costs for the 2023 Mustang, the narrower gap means ten-speed auto buyers could make their money back on the option in under five years. This isn't the case with the Dark Horse since it costs more regardless of gearbox.

Speaking of options, they're more expensive as well on the Dark Horse trim. The Appearance Package rises $250 to $1,500, the Handling Package adds $495 to cost $4,995, and the carbon fiber wheels are $500 more expensive, now running $8,995.

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