2024 Maine primary elections: Live results

WASHINGTON (AP) — With contests in 16 states and American Samoa, the Super Tuesday primaries will be the largest day of voting of the year outside of the November election. Just how “super” it is may be a matter of perspective.

Both Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican front-runner Donald Trump hope to amass a string of lopsided victories that will help them move beyond the primaries and focus on their expected general election rematch. On the other hand, Nikki Haley faces a tough slate of contests mostly in the types of reliably Republican-voting states where she has struggled to win support or in states where party rules heavily favor the former president.

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PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY (D): Biden, Phillips. 24 delegates at stake.

PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY (R): Trump, Haley, Binkley, DeSantis, Ramaswamy. 20 delegates at stake. The Supreme Court on Monday rejected efforts in Maine and other states to use Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to remove Trump from the ballot.

WHO CAN VOTE: Registered party members plus unaffiliated voters

FIRST VOTES REPORTED (2022 Primaries): 8:17 p.m. EST

LAST ELECTION NIGHT UPDATE: 2:16 a.m. EST with 82% of total vote counted

NOTES: Maine law dictates presidential primaries be conducted by ranked-choice voting, in which voters are asked to rank candidates in order of preference. If no candidate receives at least 50% of the vote, low-ranking candidates are eliminated and their voters are reassigned to other candidates by that order of preference until one candidate obtains a majority.

However, the Republican Party is basing its presidential delegate allocation on the first round of voting and will not consider any results of ranked-choice voting. In the unlikely event that the Maine GOP primary proceeds to ranked-choice rounds, AP will follow the party’s preference and declare a winner based on the first round of voting.

(Thumbnail photo: Michael Dwyer/AP)