2024 Porsche 911 spy photos show off refreshed face

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Now that the current 911 generation has a few years under its belt, it's no surprise that there's a refresh just around the corner. And these spy photos show that, as with all things 911, the updates are subtle but distinct.

The front bumper has some of the key changes. The outboard air intakes seem to be enlarged, and they have a taller, more curved profile at the top. Porsche seems to be moving away from the singular, rectangular look of the current car's front grille. This also means the central opening is a bit smaller both in width and height.

Around at the back, there's more camouflage obscuring the design. But what isn't covered up is the exhaust arrangement. The tips are closer together, and they're two simple round tips instead of the rectangular or quad tips available on the car now. This new arrangement also pushes the license plate mounting area above, instead of between, the exhaust tips. The exhaust also resides in a diffuser area that's narrower than the full-width blacked-out section on current 911s. Finally, the lower sections of the taillights seem wider, too.

The fairly thin camouflage and minor updates suggest this will be a 2024 911. Some mechanical updates may come with the new looks, but probably no major changes. It will probably be revealed sometime this year with sales beginning soon after.

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