21 Texts That Are So Funny I'd Happily Pay Overage Fees For Them

Recently we shared a post about texts no one — and I mean NO ONE — wants to receive, like this one from a father to his son's 19-year-old girlfriend:

Phone screenshot of a text conversation with multiple messages exchanged. The conversation is flirty and includes compliments and suggestions of attraction. The sender expresses a desire to see the recipient again


u/hrowaway910212 / Via reddit.com

But thankfully, not all texts are nightmare-inducing. Some, in fact, are absolutely hilarious! So, scroll down to see 21 times text messages were actually comic masterpieces:

Two girls in casual clothing laugh and cover their mouths while taking a selfie. Shelves with various photos and awards are visible in the background
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1.First, there's this hilariously awkward text from a dude who seriously misunderstood what his cousin was suggesting:

Text conversation about eating mushrooms, including the difference between normal and psychedelic varieties

2.This boyfriend who got hammered and did something regretful...in the most wholesome way possible:

Text message exchange. One person says they messed up while drunk and ordered a bunch of presents for the other person’s house. The other responds with, "wut" and "omg."

3.And this guy who got a wrong text and made the person who sent it really, really, REALLY regret it:

The image shows a text exchange where one message apologizes to a pastor for not being able to attend church, and the other responds angrily, using profane language

4.This woman found an old phone full of her texts to her junior high boyfriend...and they're just so LOL-tastically junior high:

Close-up of a phone screen showing a text conversation about missing each other and expressing affection using emojis

"They call me bad gurl 😂😂😂❤️"

  u/deleted / Via reddit.com

"You're my special princess..."

Text exchange: One person expresses love and plans to make time for their partner despite being busy. The responses are affectionate and appreciative


A smartphone displaying a conversation. Messages include an apology for not informing earlier, expressing love, asking not to leave, and reassurance of not leaving

Ahh...junior high romance!

Text conversation showing a person asking, "I'm confused, are we together or not," with a response stating, "Meaning I just need some space. Yes, but we’re on a break right now."

5.This boyfriend who responded to his girlfriend like this (she was looking for a romantic answer but — SPOILER ALERT — didn't get it):

Text exchange where one person asks another a question, which leads to a blunt response and a humorous complaint about their heart being cold. Ends with wanting to live in their head

6.This boyfriend who had an equally unromantic response to his sweetheart of a girlfriend:

Illustration of a cute beet plant saying "I know it's corny, but... You make my heart beet faster." Text conversation below includes messages reading: "Awwwww," "I beet my meat to you," "Omfg," and "I can't with your ass LMAO."
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7.And this girlfriend who absolutely roasted her boyfriend (and his hairline):

  u/Isaiahmd14 / Via reddit.comée_roasted_tf_outta_me/?utm_source=embedv2&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_content=post_body&embed_host_url=cms.buzzfeed.com

8.This kid who absolutely roasted his mother after receiving a little sex ed in school:

A text exchange where a child learns their mother had unprotected sex with multiple partners, including their dad, at 17
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9.This dude who was on edibles when his ex texted him and got, shall we say, VERBOSE:

Text messages exchange between two people. One person sends a heartfelt message, and the other responds humorously, mentioning their own eulogy and making a ghost joke

10.And this dad who never let a day go by without trolling his daughter when she texted to get a ride home from junior high:

Text exchange between a child and their parents, where the parents reveal they've moved to Florida, humorously telling the child to walk home and take care of their brother

Not on Monday:

Text exchange: "Who is picking me up" "And where r I" blotted out. Response: "We hired you a limo. Your chauffeur is going to come into class and carry you out like a princess." Emojis: eye-roll, laugh. "He's wearing a top hat and his name is Mortimer."

Not on Tuesday:

Text conversation: "Who is picking me up?" "Not Mortimer" Reply: "I've trained a large falcon to carry you home in his large talons..." with eye-roll emoji

Not on Wednesday:

Screenshot of a text exchange where one person mistakes another for someone else at a pickup location, leading to a humorous misunderstanding

Not on Thursday:

Text conversation humorously discussing shipping someone home via FedEx, mentioning no packing pads and poking holes in the box. Two emojis: an eye roll and a laughing face

And not even on Friday:

Screenshot of text conversation: "Who is picking me up?" Response: "I've placed bicycle parts by the exit to your school. You'll have to assemble it to ride home. Good luck." The conversation includes emojis and a reaction GIF with text "NO, I'M SERIOUS."

11.This dad who had a refreshingly low-key response to his daughter coming out:

A text message conversation where a person tells their dad they are a lesbian. The dad responds with "Duh" and "And lol." The person replies with "Lol."

12.This woman who loves to send texts bullying her pets:

Fat white and black cat lying on floor, timestamped Thu, Aug 10 at 9:55 AM. Text reads, "Look at this ho."
u/SalemSae / Via reddit.com

I beg your pardon, ma'am!

u/SalemSaeA cat plays with a laundry ball while lying on a bed with floral-patterned sheets. Text above image reads, "Sat, Mar 11 at 12:11 PM." and text below reads, "Look at this fat bitch playing with the laundry ball."
u/SalemSaeu/SalemSae / Via reddit.com

Like, it's just a bunny, ma'am!

A black rabbit lies on the floor near a wooden dresser. The surrounding text reads: "Is she hungover ?."
u/SalemSaeu/SalemSae / Via reddit.com

13.This dude who — when his wife worried he doesn't keep in touch with his brother — showed her these texts:

Text messages read:"Happy birthday man" on Nov 19, 2021, followed by "Thanks dude"."Happy birthday man" on Aug 28, 2022, followed by "Thanks"."Happy birthday big man" on a Monday, followed by "Thanks"

14.This guy who got stoned and responded to his own message:

A humorous text conversation where a person shows their hand holding a pencil, then texts, "You still at work?" Respondent replies, "No I'm home!" Finally, they admit being high

15.This husband who had some fun texting his wife:

Screenshot of a humorous text conversation. The first message shows a small image of a goldfish, followed by, "Hey, Mind if I get closer?" The next message contains a larger image of the same goldfish, with the reply, "Sure?"

I'm pretty sure he sent these just for the halibut.

An iMessage conversation about a goldfish is shown. First image shows a full goldfish, second image shows a close-up of the goldfish's face. Text: "Can I get a little closer?" "I guess?"

Or maybe this is his way of being roe-mantic!

Two images of a fish in a text message conversation. The second image shows the fish holding a purple flower. The recipient responds with "...?"

16.This gal who texted her sister with the kind of love-hate energy you only see between siblings:

A text message reads, "I want you to know I hate you. And I hope you get a mild but persistent cold. Not the kind of cold you have to miss work for but one that makes you unhappy for a long time."

17.This woman who — when a plumber was working on one of their toilets — asked her boyfriend this:

Text conversation between two people. One asks if they can use the other bathroom, another confirms. A person seeks clarification on plumbing and wastewater

18.And this dad who — while parenting solo — had his lunch handed to him by his toddler, and kept his wife informed every step of the way:

Text message conversation joking about a child screaming during the shark attack scene in The Little Mermaid. One person texted, "absolutely SCREAMING at the shark attack scene in the Little Mermaid," followed by, "Just yelling, 'HIDE, HIDE!'"
u/funtime_snack / Via reddit.com

Make that every increasingly awkward step of the way:

Text messages between an adult and a child discussing body image and humorously comparing compliments given by a parent to each child
u/funtime_snack / Via reddit.com


Text messages humorously discussing an explosive diaper incident with phrases about generational trauma and studying the event
u/funtime_snack / Via reddit.com

19.This poor wife who texted her hubby in the middle of the night:

A text message reads: "Hey baby, if you wake up and I'm not there, I'm just eating! I had a nightmare about you getting attacked by like an indestructible hulk guy and I really could not sleep after that! I love you so so so so much!!!!!"

20.This guy who accidentally texted his boss something you NEVER want to text your boss, then scrambled to undo the mess:

A text message conversation mistakenly sent to the wrong number about a butcher box delivery, followed by an apology and a photo of the delivered box

21.And this person who — when her friend told her she was sad — had the most unfortunate of typos:

Text message conversation: First person mistakenly expresses hope for the dad to pass quickly, but later corrects it to "your sad" not "your dad". Second person replies with laughter
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