25-year-old woman shot to death in ‘public execution’ at gas station, officials say

A South Dakota woman was killed in what officials are calling a “public execution” at a gas station.

Esther Wolfe, 25, was shot to death at a gas station in Rapid City on Feb. 21, according to a Feb. 28 news release from the Pennington County State’s Attorney’s Office.

“My heart breaks today knowing you are no longer with us. The point where I won’t have someone knocking on my door to visit or being called brother. This ain’t right I know this isn’t fair,” her brother wrote on Facebook.

Officials say Ezekial Mayweather has been arrested and faces charges of aiding and abetting first-degree murder.

Mayweather is accused of setting up the shooting that killed Wolfe as revenge for his brother’s death in 2019.

“(Wolfe’s) murder stemmed from a misguided belief within Mayweather’s family that Wolfe was responsible for his brother’s death in 2019. However, law enforcement has confirmed that Wolfe’s involvement in Mayweather’s brother’s death is unfounded,” officials said.

Officials say Mayweather provided a gun and directed another person to shoot Wolfe.

“My heart still hurts, all this is still unbelievable,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Initially, Mayweather was given a $50,000 bond, but that was revoked at a bond hearing after investigators learned more details of Mayweather’s involvement in the shooting, officials said.

If convicted, Mayweather could face the death penalty.

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