3 people injured in SC bookstore stabbing, man arrested. Here’s what happened, cops say

2nd and Charleston bookstore in Greenville had not been open long when a man wearing a black hoodie and gray sweatpants walked in.

People in the store did not see that in his hand was a piece of clear glass about 6 to 8 inches long.

He proceeded to stab three people and then went outside.

Greenville Police found him standing at the curb.

“As I exited my patrol vehicle, the male began walking towards me,” Officer Franklin Bowdoin said in an incident report.

Bowdoin drew his taser 10.

The assailant said he had a knife.

“I need help,” the man said.

Then he said a taser would not affect him.

His hands were clenched in a fist.

He waved his arms as if fighting someone.

Another officer arrived as the suspect continued to yell that no one could help him.

“You did this to me,” he said, shouting.

The officer tried to reason. Offered to help.

“Drop what you’re holding,” the officer said.

The man walked closer, and both officers fired their tasers.

As he had warned, the tasers didn’t subdue the suspect. He ran away and jumped on a green minivan being driven through the parking lot.

“Officer Woods and I grabbed the suspect and removed him from the van,” Bowdoin said in the report.

They took him to the ground.

He tried to stab himself.

Then the officers.

Bowdoin punched him five times in the stomach.

Finally, they were able to handcuff him.

Greenville Police identified the suspect as Tyler Anthony Burris, 30, of Greenville. He is charged with three counts of attempted murder and resisting arrest with a deadly weapon.

Sergeant Diana Munoz, spokesperson for Grenville Police, said none of the victims knew the assailant.

Burris is being held at the Greenville Detention Center. A magistrate denied bond due to the nature of the charges and sent the case to General Sessions court.