3 underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in July

A man holding a book while looking up and pondering in a scene from Professor T.

Looking for something new to watch while you relax on lazy days (or nights) in, or just need a respite from the hustle and bustle of a busy summer? Maybe you have an outdoor TV set up and you’re enjoying a show or movie on the back deck with a cold drink in hand. Whatever the situation, there are some under the radar shows worth considering.

These three underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in July are thrilling, exciting, and well-acted, perfect to enjoy while they’re available to stream. They include a British crime drama and a Clive Owen neo-noir miniseries introduced earlier this year on AMC, both of which won’t disappoint.

Professor T (2021-present)

Professor T | Official Preview | PBS

Ben Miller stars as Professor Jasper Tempest in Professor T, a respected criminologist who also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and is also on the autism spectrum. He’s a genius and his knowledge and talents are used to help the police solve crimes. But he also has to deal with his overbearing mother.

Adapted from the Belgian TV series of the same name, Professor T has been criticized for perpetuating stereotypes about various mental health conditions. Plus, a graphic rape scene in the first episode turned some viewers off. The series is an interesting take on a quirky genius character trope we’ve seen again and again in American procedurals and crime drama, like Monk and Will Trent. Suzi Feay of Financial Times says the show serves up “gentle puzzles and poignant moments along with a dash of romance and intrigue.”

Stream Professor T on Amazon Prime Video.

Monsieur Spade (2024)

Monsieur Spade Official Trailer Ft. Clive Owen | Premieres January 14 on AMC+

Clive Owen is electrifying in Monsieur Spade, a neo-noir miniseries centered around Sam Spade, the fictional private detective character written by Dashiell Hammett in his 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon (the character also appears in other short stories by the author). Set in 1963, Spade (Owen) has retired in the South of France, and is living a peaceful and quiet life. But when his old rival apparently returns and six nuns are murdered, Spade feels compelled to investigate. He uncovers a sinister plot that involves a mysterious child with special powers.

Receiving favorable reviews when it premiered earlier this year, AMC’s Monsieur Spade got overshadowed by bigger shows like Masters of the Air. Just six episodes long, it’s feels like a breath of fresh air due to its clever scripts and direction. While the plot is more slow-moving than some might appreciate, Monsieur Spade is a great late night summer binge since you’ll easily get through the entire show in a single weekend.

Stream Monsieur Spade on Amazon Prime Video.

Prisma (2022-present)

Prisma - S2 | Trailer Ufficiale | Prime Video

Hailing from Italy and originally in Italian language with English audio and subtitles as an option, Prisma is a coming-of-age teen drama centered around a pair of identical twins. Marco and Andrea, both played by Mattia Carrano, are 16 years old and dealing with the typical challenges of growing up. Featuring themes of gender fluidity, sexuality, bullying, self-harm, and drugs, Prisma is hard-hitting but current and perfectly suited for this generation.

There are two seasons to date that will please anyone who loves the genre, providing a more modern, generationally relevant take on the traditional coming-of-age story. Decider’s Radhika Menon praises the cast’s “naturalistic performances” and the show’s handling of “setting up the complicated relationships that exist in high schools” not just in the show’s home country, but around the world as well.

Stream Prisma on Amazon Prime Video.