5 Over-the-Top Amenities Offered by Luxury Assisted Living Communities

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If you picture assisted living facilities as dark, cramped spaces with a depressing ambiance, it’s time to rethink your stance. Luxury assisted living communities take comfort to the next level, enhancing your life with resort-style amenities, such as salons, swimming pools and gourmet dining.

Picture hot stone massages after lunch, expert-led classes and events or an evening dip in the hot tub. Whatever your heart desires, it may be available on the amenities list. From invigorating spa services to world-class cuisine, today’s luxury assisted living communities provide a five-star experience every day of the week.

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Salon and Spa Services

Luxury assisted living communities contain all the comforts of a high-end resort, including full-service salons and spas. Relax with a stimulating deep tissue massage, invigorate your senses with a facial or update your look with a fresh haircut. These services give you the chance to lie back, relax and embrace your leisure time — one of the greatest parts of retirement if you ask us.

The three most common spa services are facials, massages and body therapy, and these are routinely available within luxury communities. Many go beyond the basics, offering indulgences, such as full-body exfoliation, scalp treatments, scrubs, body wraps and warm stone massages. Likewise, salon treatments at luxury assisted living communities range from routine trims to deep-conditioning treatments, providing a range of options to choose from. Expert professionals help you look and feel your best, offering the ultimate in upscale spa services without the need to leave the premises.

Diverse Dining Options

If you’re picturing the dining experience as a sterile, hospital-like cafeteria serving bland entrees, it’s time for an update. Today’s luxury assisted living communities deliver a dining experience unlike any other. They employ professional chefs who craft meals around a variety of dietary tastes and preferences. Instead of the limited menu many seniors picture, you’ll discover a plethora of appetizers, entrees, snacks and desserts bursting with color and flavor. Along with comfort food classics, it’s not uncommon to find farm-to-table favorites from around the world, so you can sample the dishes you’ve always wanted to try.

Luxury assisted living communities have multiple restaurant options, so you’re spoiled for choice. Casual and fine dining are available, so whether you’re craving tacos or lobster, you can find an eatery to satisfy your taste buds. Each menu offers all the range of a usual restaurant, with multiple courses that include salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, rice dishes and delectable desserts.

Health and Wellness

If you want to stay active during your golden years, luxury assisted living communities have you covered with health and fitness options for seniors of every ability level. Most facilities have their own fully equipped gyms with instructor-led classes, so you can personalize a fitness plan to reach your unique goals, learn a new sport or build your endurance and flexibility. Options include yoga, Pilates, tai chi, dance, boxing, stretching and strength training, but they vary — some luxury communities offer hundreds of unique classes. Scenic walking trails, heated swimming pools and hot tubs, wellness programs, golf courses and other resort-style amenities are all the rage.

Social Activities

Social stimulation is necessary at every stage of life, and luxury assisted living communities deliver dozens of engaging events, programs and activities every week. If you’re worried about feeling lonely, wave those concerns goodbye. Instead of just the occasional bingo games and puzzle-working sessions you may have pictured, you’ll discover instructor-led classes on everything from history to computer skills. You can also complete arts-and-crafts projects, play board games and attend movie nights, live entertainment, dance recitals and speeches from local professors and community leaders — to name just a few.

You needn’t give up your interests when you move into a luxury assisted living community. Instead, embrace them every day through a stimulating schedule that keeps your mind and body busy. Take a cooking workshop, learn floral arranging, sing classic tunes, master new dance moves, watch singers perform or join your peers for a happy hour filled with laughter. Luxury communities have transformed socialization into a fine art, ensuring you always have plenty to do regardless of interest.

Medical Services

While non-medical services come standard, luxury assisted living communities cater to residents by providing a variety of convenient health care services on-site. Physical, speech and occupational therapies are frequently offered, so you can partner with an experienced professional and complete your rehabilitation program without having to leave the community.

The staff handles medical care for you, scheduling appointments, coordinating with health care providers and transporting you there, making the entire process easy and hassle-free. Medication management, diabetes management, weight management and mobility support are available for those who need them, and many communities partner with visiting physicians and specialists who treat residents directly on-site.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, luxury assisted living isn’t reserved for the rich and famous. Open to all, these communities are filled with state-of-the-art amenities to enhance your daily experience, making stuffy old-folks’ homes a thing of the past. Instead, savor every moment of your golden years through vibrant social events, live entertainment, pampering spa treatments and sumptuous cuisine. Whether searching for yourself or a loved one, explore luxury assisted living communities near you to find all the comfort, convenience and world-class amenities you could ask for.