5A SIC all-conference softball teams

All-conference teams are chosen solely by coaches in that league.

The Idaho Statesman publishes the results and has no role in their selection.


Player of the Year: Lizzy Tommasini, sr., Eagle

Coach of the Year: Nicole Rollins, Eagle


P: Penny-Lew Barnett, sr., Capital

P: Megan Meracle, jr., Borah

C: Taliah Jenkins, sr., Kuna

1B: Delaney Wright, so., Timberline

INF: Brylin Field, sr., Kuna

INF: Jorja Crider, jr., Middleton

INF: Ashlyn Graklanoff, so., Timberline

INF: Kina Watts, jr., Owyhee

OF: Kamryn Ham, sr., Kuna

OF: Hayleigh Oliver, jr., Eagle

OF: Rylie Haith, jr., Owyhee

OF: Samantha Hatzenbeller, jr., Owyhee

UTIL: Abigail Gardner, jr., Borah

UTIL: McKenna Schab, so., Owyhee

DP: Liberty Shake, jr., Mountain View


P: Katy Jackson, so., Mountain View

P: Grace Brooks, so., Owyhee

C: Kayla Campbell, so., Borah

1B: Savanna Henzler, jr., Rocky Mountain

1B: Molly Buckingham, jr., Owyhee

INF: McKenna Chavez, fr., Capital

INF: Tyra Price, jr., Capital

INF: Kayli Clark, jr., Kuna

INF: Natalie Miklancic, so., Middleton

OF: Lauren Davies, jr., Capital

OF: Lizzy Turpen, so., Capital

OF: Kate Bjorkman, sr., Rocky Mountain

OF: Lauren Landis, jr., Middleton

OF: Mallory Casch, so., Timberline

UTIL: Taylee Hunt, jr., Middleton

DP: Bella Pereira, so., Timberline


P: Peyton Bargen, fr., Eagle

P: Breanna Degen, jr., Timberline

P: Haylee Holloway, so., Nampa

P: Kya Hueth, fr., Boise

C: Paige Pieper, sr., Middleton

C: Emry Woods, so., Eagle

C: Bella Bonacorsi, jr., Timberline

C: Haiylee Reeves, so., Owyhee

C: Olivia Stone, so., Capital

C: Airah Whipkey, jr., Rocky Mountain

1B: Masyn Mogel, so., Capital

1B: Rylee Nelson, jr., Borah

1B: Grace Hein, sr., Eagle

1B: Abby Vanderwiel, sr., Kuna

INF: Bella Lantz, sr., Meridian

INF: Lily Binford, so., Boise

INF: Livia Hurst, jr., Rocky Mountain

INF: Halle Fizer, jr., Borah

INF: Afton Janke, so., Mountain View

INF: Payton Hollifield, jr., Mountain View

INF: Carly Reyes-Mims, jr., Centennial

INF: Kaylee Vieira, sr., Eagle

INF: Brooklyn Schneidt, sr., Owyhee

OF: Penelope Klinger, so., Meridian

OF: Kharson Castell, so., Capital

OF: Chloe Hueth, sr., Boise

OF: Olivia Chalifoux, fr., Borah

OF: Jazmine Villarreal, jr., Centennial

OF: Alyson Vieira, so., Eagle

OF: Maggie McMullen, so., Borah

UTIL: Danica Quinn, so., Rocky Mountain

UTIL: Tayelynn Puyleart, so., Mountain View

UTIL: Allison Metzler, jr., Timberline

DP: Cali Moorhouse, fr., Centennial