After 72 years, Regina's Wascana Pool closes for good

Sunday was the last time John Clark dipped his toes into Wascana Pool.

Clark has been coming to the pool since it first opened in 1947.

"The first year it opened," said Clark. "I was seven years old and had swimming lessons here and it seemed like the distance from where we are to there was about a mile away," he said as he pointed at the opposite end of the pool. 

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The iconic Regina pool is now closed for good after being the perfect summer spot for many to relax on a hot summer day for the past 72 years.

The city says construction on a replacement for Wascana Pool will begin in 2020 and it anticipates a new facility could be open by 2021.

Clark said Sunday was a nostalgic and sad day for him in a number of ways.

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"You know, thinking about friends that are gone, moved away, or died," he said. "It makes you feel even older but it's really, really sad. I never thought I'd see this happen."

Every summer Clark and his wife would get a three-month pass to the pool.

"We'd come here four or five times a week I guess to swim."

He's hoping that whatever facility ends up replacing the pool will still have dedicated times for people to swim laps.

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"One of the things that's so important to me for this pool is that it actually is a place where people can come between eight in the morning and one in the afternoon to swim laps," he said. "It's amazing how many people are using the facility."

He's also worried that the new facility might be built elsewhere. 

"It's such a beautiful location here."