73-year-old on date with woman half his age was set up to be robbed, Florida cops say

A 73-year-old man with romance on his mind suffered a severe beating when his “date” with a much-younger woman proved to be the setup for a brutal robbery, Florida investigators say.

He survived the tryst but ended up in a hospital, according to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

As for his date, she’s accused of luring “a senior citizen to a violent robbery on the premise of a romantic date,” the sheriff’s office said in a March 2 news release.

The plan, which involved an accomplice, came to light at 5 a.m. on Feb. 22, when the victim showed up at an emergency room, the sheriff’s office said.

“He told responding deputies he was struck multiple times with a metal object and robbed,” officials said.

“The victim had met with (a woman) at a Daytona Beach bar to talk about their romantic relationship. (She) suggested he come back to her house, and he agreed, following her vehicle in his own. At one point on the drive, (she) stopped to pick up someone from the side of the road.”

She stopped again to let that passenger out near a home, and that’s when the attack occurred, officials said.

“The victim then got out of his car and approached (the woman’s) vehicle. ... The passenger reappeared, hitting the victim in the head with a hard metal object, and continuing to beat him when he fell to the ground in the fetal position. The attacker then stole the victim’s wallet.”

The suspects fled, “leaving the victim bleeding on the ground” in the Plantation Pines area east of Ormond Beach, officials said.

The victim suffered “numerous injuries” to his face, body and arms, as well as head lacerations that required staples, officials said.

A surveillance operation at the woman’s Daytona Beach home resulted in her being arrested during a Feb. 23 traffic stop. According to jail records, she was charged with:

  • aggravated battery on a person age 65 or older

  • robbery with a weapon

  • violation of probation

  • possession of synthetic cannabinoid with intent to sell

  • possession of cannabis

  • two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription

As of March 4, she was still in the Volusia County Jail.

She denied involvement in the robbery, but text messages on her phone revealed it had been planned with a 33-year-old ex-boyfriend, officials said. He was arrested March 1 and charged with robbery with a weapon and aggravated battery on a victim age 65 or older, records show. He also remained in jail as of March 4.

Daytona Beach is about 55 miles northeast of Orlando.

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