8.5 Million People Bought $4 Movie Tickets on National Cinema Day

The National Association of Theater Owners reported on Monday that 8.5 million movie tickets were sold as part of National Cinema Day, a special one-day event where thousands of theaters offer tickets for just $4.

That’s actually a small boost from the 8 million tickets sold during the first National Cinema Day on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend last year. While a more attractive slate of movies screening in theaters — including Sony’s new release “Gran Turismo” and Warner Bros.’ record-breaking “Barbie — helped this boost, it’s still notable considering that it took place on a Sunday, a less popular day for moviegoing than Saturday.

According to Comscore, moviegoers aged 18-24 and 25-34 each made up 22% of the National Cinema Day audience, and the next largest age group was 13-17 with 16%. Overall, the Sunday box office saw combined grosses of $34 million, a 16% increase from the previous Sunday on Aug. 20.

“National Cinema Day was a significant success in bringing together millions of film fans of all ages to enjoy movies on the big screen,” said Bryan Braunlich, Executive Director of The Cinema Foundation. “Movie theaters and all our partners helped maximize the impact of the day with creative marketing and special promotions that added to the overall excitement, while a diverse slate of exciting films provided something for everyone to see. Thank you to all those hard-working individuals who make the theatrical experience magical.”

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